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Sue instructs Ziva on how to retrieve the ball

Ziva says I fetch but I will not share

Sue says "my ball" Ziva says " oh yeah"

The winds of March are here. Yesterday the winds were 25 - 35 mph with occasional gusts over 40 mph. Today it slowed down to 20 - 30 mph. At times today I thought it was gustier than yesterday. No matter, it has blown. It will blow about the same Saturday and Sunday and then almost quit...thank goodness. Yesterday it was 68 degrees, today it was 71 degrees and tomorrow about 80...finally.

Tomorrow brings the Canada parade. I will try to be ready and get pictures of what the Canadians do in their parade. That is followed by our last Burger Bash around the pool.

Yesterday (Thursday) we were working on a few things around the Bus and got a call from Sue D. They had decided to leave on Friday and head back to Lake Charles. Alan and Rita had also decided to leave on Friday so we were all having a "going away" dinner. That is a good deal to get together with everyone and say bye and eat.

I was out a little while after Arkansas stunk up the basketball court in the SEC tournament. I have changed putters and the one I had started using, the grip was deteriorating rapidly...like every time I gripped it. I ran to a golf shop that I knew had grips and would regrip as I watched. I stopped by WalMart and then filled up the truck and was back to the Bus around 2:30. We left around 3:30 to head for our dinner get together. Dinner was at Burgers and Beer. Great food but very much overpriced. But, we enjoyed the food and the fellowship. We left and returned back to the Bus and got Ziva to the Dog Park. There were about 6 of her friends there and we stayed for about 45 minutes before taking her in for the evening. Then we headed for Mark and Sue's to have King Cake. Alan and Rita joined us and we visited for about another 90 minutes before we all hugged and we walked back to the Bus. A little late basketball and then we got ready for bed. Before bedtime I wrote an email to the Cummins facility in Elkhart, IN about the issue we had with the generator last week when we had the Bus out for our drive. We were in bed by 11:00 our time.

Today we started early to get to the DP before the wind really picked up. We failed, the breeze was already over 10 mph before 9:00 a.m. Back to the Bus and Ziva and I both had breakfast and started watching the golf tournament in Florida. With their starting times 3 hours ahead of us...means morning golf. Then I got a call from Cummins in Elkhart. We discussed our issues and they started checking and promised to get back to me soon. Well in about an hour or so they called back and referred us to the Cummins facility in Avondale, AZ (suburb of Phoenix). We thanked them and immediately called Cummins in Avondale. We have an appointment next Friday morning in that facility. We will leave here next Thursday (the 21st) and drive three hours or so to Avondale. Our appointment is 7:00 a.m. on Friday. Cummins there has hookups since it is a total Coach Care facility and one of our friends on the Tiffin network speaks highly of their service. From there we will probably head to Tucson for a few days and then head east. It will allow us a few extra days in case the weather turns into an issue.

For lunch we headed out to find something different to eat. We ended up at Chili's and had chicken fajitas. They were a little different that what we had had before in that they had white queso over the chicken and vegetables. It was so good. We ate our fill and then some. Then it was time for Sue to make a quick stop at the JoAnn's here in Yuma to pick up some material she needed. Then it was back to WalMart for a few items and back to the Bus and some real basketball.

We took Ziva to the DP this afternoon. Only one friend showed up to play and so Sue spent some time trying to play ball with Ziva. Ziva did go get the ball but she would not give it back to Sue. As you can see in one picture both of them felt like they were entitled to the ball. Hint..Ziva won. We walked a little more than normal and then returned to settle into the basketball games. We have watched several good basketball games this evening and enjoyed them.

It is now time to shower and get to bed to make sure we are rested for the parade tomorrow. We do not know what to expect.

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