Our trip to Nepal and Bhutan - March 2019 travel blog

Elephants lined up for the tourists

Crossing the stream the elephant behind us


Our elephant being rewarded with bunch of bananas


Getting ready for canoe ride

One of many crocs

Rhino number 1

Local village

Getting up close for the crocodile photo

Dodgy bridge over the river


Baby elephant at the elephant breeding farm


Rhino number2

Rhino number 3

Friday, March 15

Yesterday we travelled by bus from Pokhara to Chitwan. The journey was not as long as the other day but just as exciting. Another crazy driver who just had to pass everything. Luckily there was not as much traffic as a national strike of some kind kept most of the large trucks off the road.

The area is famous for its National Park and wildlife.

It's much hotter down here in the lowlands (in the high 30's today).

In the afternoon we did a walking tour through the local village and then a visit to the elephant breeding centre. Although there are many elephants in the area they are nearly all in captivity - very few are still in the wild.

This morning we set off early for a full day of jungle activities. We started off with an elephant ride through the jungle in search of wildlife. We saw many deer, a jackal but no rhino. We then floated downstream in a dug-out canoe for several kilometers. It was so peaceful and serene and we made sure not to disturb the many crocodiles that were basking in the sun on the riverbank. We must have seen about 20+ and the canoe got within a couple of meters in some instances - I'm sure you wouldn't do that in Australia .

At the end of the canoe ride we had a long walk back through the jungle to the village (about 7-8 Klm).

Our guide assured us we were safe as he was carrying a long bamboo shaft!!

He pointed out rhino poo and at one point said he could smell fresh tiger urine (that made us a bit nervous for a while).

We did see our rhino though - it was just his head and the top of his back as he stood in a waterhole. Better than nothing.

Later in the day we did another short jungle walk and saw two more rhinos - a pretty good day really.

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