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The end of another snowbird season! We are happy to be home and see our grandchildren and Connecticut family and friends.

We have lots to think about this spring and summer!

Janet and I need to decide what we will do next winter. We have a 2 events that we want to be home for around the New Year's weekend. Should we stay home for the winter or can we find a way to get to Arizona? The problem is that the roads are too snowy and icy to leave with the camper in January. We would have to take the camper south in Nov or Dec and then come back. We could store it south of the Mason-Dixon line, in Houston, or in Arizona, do our stuff in in New England, and then proceed to El Mirage after the first of the year. Or just stay home for the winter?

I have some issues with the Camper. First, I want to find and seal the leak in the kitchen gray tank. I know where it is but I need to get to it and determine if it is repairable. If I am successful, then I would proceed with repairs and maintenance to the suspension, wheel bearings, and brakes. I will evaluate the tires and decide if they are ready to be replaced.

On the positive side, Connecticut is fairly warm and it does not appear that I will need to winterize the camper against freezing. I have a week or two of work to do, so I will keep my eye on the 10 day forecast for the overnight lows.

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