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To say the title of tonight's offering was a shock to us yesterday is an understatement. Now, it gets somewhat ridiculous when I put on this the expected rain fall was to be only a quarter of an inch. I was out a couple of times and my rain jacket did not get completely wet. Needless to say...the flood never happened. The dog park did not even get standing water as it did several weeks ago.

I failed to expand enough in my last writing about the air show. While we were closer than we were last year we could only hear some of the flight presentations. My neighbor sat outside for a few minutes and only saw one jet. Our friends from Memphis went and they enjoyed the show. We have some friends from Washington that we visit with in the Dog Park that went and they were impressed. I mention all of this because after the show and again the next morning I say some of the older WWII aircraft flying out of town heading back for home. I think they are based in Harlingen, TX. They have changed their name...they were formerly known as the Confederate Air Force. I guess that is no longer politically correct. Anyway, I saw a B-17, B-24 and a C-47. I heard but could not see due to some clouds the group of 12 AT-6 Texans as they flew out. Hopefully we will get there next year to see the show. It is scheduled for a time we plan to be here.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was overcast and almost hot up until noon. I was out between 11:00 and noon working on emptying tanks and I was hot in the sun. About noon clouds came rolling in and it cooled off quickly. I was drying and putting up my golf gear from Monday's outing and the rain started. It rained steadily until about 4:30. But the street was only barely wet. Ziva, Sue and I went to the DP about 5:30. The park was fairly dry for a day of rain that had flood warnings out earlier in the day. About 6:30 Sue and Ziva headed for the Bus. I walked to the clubhouse to get a sandwich from Café 55 for dinner. Sue had left overs from Red Lobster so we were both in good shape. Then we watched our Tuesday nite regular shows and headed for bed.

Today (Wednesday) started with me getting up a little earlier than normal and having breakfast before the morning trip to the DP. We left about 8:20 and met several other dogs and Ziva enjoyed her outing. We did little the rest of the day as we watched several of the RV shows on television until I switched over to watch a few basketball games in the various tournaments on the east coast. I went out and got lunch for me and Sue. Ziva wished I had brought her a burger. After lunch Ziva and I went to the clubhouse area to check our mail. We had a package from Amazon so the volunteer that was working gave Ziva two treats. Ziva has made several trips with me to the mail boxes and received treats each time. So when I say mail box she is ready to go. We stopped back by the DP and there were several of her friends there so we played a few minutes before coming back to the Bus. By then it was time for the SEC tournament to start. The games were not really exciting but it was something we were interested in...to some extent. Then at 8:30 our time...10:30 central time zone we had all the games over. It is so confusing doing the time conversion out here. Mountain standard time is the same as Pacific daylight savings time. Oh well...just a footnote, we have Haley, Marcus and Abby touring in NC and other areas and we have Beth getting ready to go camping next week. She has her scans next week to make sure there is no cancer anywhere else in her body. We are praying for her and for both families' safety as they travel. We found out our friends that got us here finally decided they would come back here next year, but they also found out they could only come in January as the park is totally booked in February. So, we have friends that will be here in January and other friends coming out here in March and April. Oh well, that is all I can remember tonight. I am so glad we did not get washed away in our floods...

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