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Just to give you an idea of the size of the remote...

One of the jets zips by

And there goes the other

A pair of the propeller driven plans flying together

And they could hover them vertically over the air strip


And there is one landing

Bentley enjoys the ride out to Lake Martinez

Dock area at the military RV park on Lake Martinez

Public access at Lake Martinez

Boat ramp, dock, and fishing access

Cool and clear


Bentley checks out the cool waters of Lake Martinez

We cross through Yuma Proving Grounds on the way toward Hidden Shores...

The big guns on display at the intersection


This is one of several different entrances into the gated military area

This is the road the road crossing the proving ground that took...

And desert scenery along the way.

A view of Imperial Dam from Inland Harbor RV Park

The graduates


A-10 Thunderbolt II out on the tarmac

P51 Mustang out on the tarmac


The Black Bear Diner of Yuma, serves breakfast lunch and dinner. Bring...


Ahh, finally made it to the brewery downtown.

We wonder if the Griswolds really visited the brewery too ...

Yep, the stout was good!

Almost another month has gone by since our last update. Time is still flying by. I'm sure that everyone up north & north east can't wait for some spring weather and those involved in sugaring are wondering if the weather will ever cooperate. As we are adding this entry to our journal, mother nature is giving us a pretty heavy down pour, and there is thunder off in the distance. This is a unusual weather event for this area of the country.


At the end of February, we attended the Yuma Aeromodlers air show. They fly remote controlled planes and have their own airport with a paved runway. We saw propeller driven planes, helicopters, quadcopters (aka small drones) and even a couple jet's fly. There was a large crowd in attendance and the weather was great. We were impressed by the stunts they did and the jets flew surprisingly fast (the announcer said they travel at about 200 miles per hour)


We took a day trip up to nearby Lake Martinez and also visited the Imperial National Wildlife refuge which is just a bit north of the lake. We checked out the RV Park that is open to active and retired military personnel. The folks there were very nice and gave us lots of information about the area. From there, we drove just a bit further to the public access. The water was quite cool but Bentley did a little bit of swimming!


And speaking of Bentley, he (we) did graduate from the dog training class. We can't believe he will be 11 months old this coming Saturday! And he seems to be still growing bigger every month.


We also took a drive up to another RV Park called Hidden Shores Village. They are located on the Colorado river right by the Imperial Dam. Folks that stay at that park have their own small Marina with direct access to the Colorado River for boating and fishing. They also have direct access to many of the atv/jeep trails that go out into the surrounding desert area.


This past weekend we went to the Marine Corps Air Station for 2019 air show. It was a large event that opened to the public at 9 a.m. and concluded at 3 p.m. From 9 to 1130 we were able to walk around check out the aircraft on display. This included older WWII aircraft such as B17 and B25's, plus newer aircraft all the way up through the F35. The pilots that fly them were on hand as well as their support crews for us to visit with and interact with. Wow, they are all so young!!All the planes were in an area where we could take photo's and even touch them. The exception was the F35's, they were in a separate fenced off area. Look only. Tom especially enjoyed seeing the A-10's and talking with the pilots about the Gatling Gun that the plane is built around. It brought back some memories of working at GE in Burlington VT where the guns used to be built.

The flying show included the AV-8B Harrier II, F35B Lightening II, Search and Rescue Helicopters, MV-22B Osprey, a interactive show with F5 jets and AH-1 and UH-1 helicopters, Air Force A10 Thunderbolt II. They also had an old P51D Mustang fly together with the A-10 in what they called the Heritage flight. A couple of old Yellow Thunder Harvards put on a nice show for us too. Throughout the show, the narrator kept us up to speed with what was coming, and what going on as well as the history of the various planes and helicopters.

Also on hand was Chris Darnell with the Shockwave Jet Truck. It looks like the tractor of an 18 wheeler with 3 jet engines mounted on the back where the trailer would usually attach. He holds the speed record in the Guiness Book of world records for jet trucks. Something like 330 mph. Twice during the air show he brought the truck out and let it rip!!! Man what a sight, flames out both stacks, and out the back of the 3 jet engines!! Good thing they had the airstrip for him to roll on!

MAGTF (Marine air ground task force) did a show demonstrating their skills in a mock event fighting back an insurgents attack. Marines came in on a CH-53 transport helicopter, closely guarded by UH-1 and AH-1 helicopters. The Harrier AV-8 and F-35 provided aircover as well. The "fireworks" that accompanied the demonstration was amazing!

The show concluded with the Tora Tora Tora commemorative Air Force doing a re-enactment of the 12/07/1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. Vintage planes flying included A6M, D3A, B5N, P40 and B17. Once again the "fireworks" was incredible and the narration was very nicely done.

After the show we were impressed with the efficiency everyone (civilian, Marine MP and Local PD and Sheriff's Dept.) getting everyone back to the parking lot and off the base in a orderly and timely fashion.

If you ever have the opportunity to see an air show here in Yuma, don't miss it!

We have MANY photos from the air show on our digital SLR camera, but at the moment We are not able to download them. We will share them once we get things figured out, so there are just a couple posted here today.


Otherwise we have been doing things here around the park. We've gone out to sample some of the local restaurants, including Prison Hills Brewery in downtown Yuma. Excellent food and micro brews. It is another place to be sure to sample when you are in town!


Take care and stay healthy

Two Ole Buddies

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