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Saturday morning we left the country before 8:30 a.m. We strolled through Los Algodones and went to the beauty shop. Sue D. needed a haircut. We sat inside since it was still a little cool out in the shaded courtyard. I did stroll down for a fresh hot chocolate. It was good. Sue was through in about 30 minutes and we were out strolling through the small Mexican town. Sue D was looking for frames...she is an artist. Sue and I were not looking for anything in particlar. We have heard for years that folks purchase their medications in Mexico and really paid little to no attention to the significance of that information. However, Mark and Sue D were shopping for some of their daily medications in several of the pharmacies. Now if I say there are 50, that may be an understatement - and they will all haggle. We ended up with a 30 day supply of amoxycillin for $ 6.00. I purchased a 60 day supply of my generic Singulair for $ 12.00. It is unbelievable. We priced other meds that we take but were somewhat hesitant to make additional purchases. Mark and Sue D made a few purchases of medications and Sue D found a couple of frames. With their hands full, it was time to come back to the U S. There was no line and we were through and back in the car in about 10 minutes. Two hours in Mexico and then headed home. We were back in the Bus before noon. Since we had bounced out of bed early and returned so early...it was time for a nap. Then it was time for the Razorback men to take on Alabama. Shazam, they played out of their minds and easily beat Alabama. WooHoo! ! Mark and Sue D called and we headed for dinner with them while the Lady Backs were playing. When we got to dinner, Sue B. fired up her phone and we watched the second half of the game and were cheering as quietly as possible when they beat Texas A & M. Then back to the Bus to watch Ghost Adventures and their visit to Lute's Casino and then settle in until bedtime.

The only state on the mainland that does not observe Daylight Savings Time is Arizona. We did not loose an hour's sleep. We observed a normal night. The significance is that now Conway and San Antonio are two hours later than here in Yuma.

Sunday was quiet until 11:00 when the Lady Backs were on television playing Mississippi State in the tournament finals. Only Mississippi State was on fire. The Lady Backs played hard but were no where close to the Lady Bulldogs. Then we were out to the Arizona Market where we strolled looking for deals. We found a deal on LED lights for the Bus. We had just ordered a couple of replacement lights from Amazon and they were around $ 11. We picked up eight at $ 5.00 a piece. A heck of a buy. We had lunch in the area where the band was playing. Then we made a trip to Fry's and back to the Bus. We tried to watch a few of the movies on television and surf the net. I think the net won out and we will have to watch the movies when they repeat. Then it was bedtime.

Monday started a little earlier than normal. Sue had not slept much (maybe 20 - 30 minutes the entire night) so when I got up before 7:00 she was awake. I had breakfast and then took Ziva to the Dog Park. After 30 minutes we returned and I stared getting ready for today's round of golf. Sue was up preparing her breakfast and she was ready for the day when I left about 9:50 with our Canadian neighbor from across the street. We went to Wellton to meet some of my other golfing friends. It was a fivesome and we had a great time. However, it did sprinkle on us on holes 6,7 and quit on 8. However, it did start again for real on the 15th hole. The last three holes were back into a new fresh wind and the rain. The temperature dropped almost 10 degrees and it got cold. We did have a great time and will go out one more time next Monday.

Back at the Bus I tried to warm up. I showered and took Ziva to the DP in the rain. Everything went well, until she and Sunny got into one of their wrestling maneuvers and Ziva rolled in the dust. Under the trees it was not wet and she now had a layer of dust on her wet coat. She was a dog of many colors. I tried to wipe her off some and we headed back for the Bus. Sue met us at the door with towels and we worked for about 5 minutes to get her back to a black and white dog. Then we headed out for dinner. We had a bad experience at Cracker Barrel and ended up at Red Lobster. The food was good - more expensive, but we survived. Sue has left overs for tomorrow night. We are back in the Bus expecting more rain for tonight. I hope it gets here soon and I can go to sleep listening to the rain on the roof.

The last thought is the question one of my golfing friends asked today..."will anybody believe we were playing golf in the rain in Arizona"?

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