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So you are curious as to why the sudden surge of people wanting to move to Las Vegas are you? Let us take a look at some of the driving forces that are propelling people to the City of Sin.

Online gambling may be frowned on by the United States government but that has not stopped the American population from turning out in force. In an online casino you can find a cash game at any stakes any time of the day. The newest craze in the poker world, the multi-table tournament (or MTT) is also readily available. At most of the major online casinos, you will find that you can enter more than 50 MTT’s an hour if you are so inclined. This has introduced a more experienced, confident and capable brand of poker player into the world. More and more of the real-life pros these days have their roots in online casinos. Just look at the final table of the 2008 Main Event as proof of this statistic. More and more river belle Canada players are making the move to live play, and this means relocating to places that have real casinos. On the top of this list is Las Vegas, a place that poker players look to either prove their skill or go broke trying.

Another poker related cause for this influx of immigrants is a phenomenon known as the Moneymaker effect. The Moneymaker effect is a reference to the Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker, an accountant from small-town America that proved beyond a doubt that anyone willing to put forth the effort and take the risk can fulfill their dreams. After Moneymaker’s win, high stakes poker was no longer a legends only affair, but anyone with the money to buy in could sit down and win it all. In the year immediately following Moneymaker’s win, the WSOP saw a record-setting increase in both TV ratings and registrations to their tournaments.

On a different note, our present economic situation plays it’s part as well. We live in a time where it has become necessary to have multiple incomes coming in from a single household just to make ends meet. As gas prices rise a number of things are affected. It costs us more money to make it work, so we bring homeless for the family. Groceries cost more because of the fact that those goods must be transported, and transportation costs more than it ever has before. Stack all of that on top of the fact that not only is the average American not making more money than he used to, but there are fewer jobs available for Americans in general as companies are forced to cut back to maintain profits. What you are left with is an American who can barely afford to take care of his present-day needs, let alone plan for the future. It is not unreasonable to think that people in such a situation are looking to make bold moves to improve their situation. One appealing choice is to make the move to Las Vegas, where there is a wealth of jobs available. You can always gamble, but there is also a slew of casino-based jobs available as well, ranging from dealers and security to cocktail waiter positions. In today’s scary environment, Americans are looking for job security. If there is one thing we know about Las Vegas, it is that the city has survived depressions and recessions before. What could be more secure?

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