Spring Training 2019 travel blog

We're on our way. We have an 11:00AM flight to West Palm Beach International. Got to the airport at around 8:30, checked in, went through security and on to the gate. That whole process was done at 9:05. Not too bad. Breakfast time. As most of you know, at Newark Airport Terminal C there are a number of eating choices, but most work off of the same tablet menu and is rather pricey. We found the Garden State Diner to offer their own menu, and was considerably cheaper for a decent breakfast. While eating I got a text message that due to a broken down plane on a runway, my flight was going to be delayed 1 hour. Somebody call AAA!. After breakfast we headed for the gate (a walk of about 100') and sat down to wait. At around 11:30 I noticed there was still no plane at the gate. 12:00 departure became 12:35. We finally departed at around 1:00 2 hours late. We arrived in West Palm beach around 4:00. We left the terminal to get to our rental car, and got a wonderful feeling...79 degrees with a nice breeze. We got our car and headed to the Hampton Inn at Stuart. We checked in and asked the woman at the desk for dinner suggestions. She suggested The Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House. Anything with Shrimp in the name is good for me. Turns out it is a very popular seafood house on the water in Jensen Beach, about 10 minutes from the hotel. We had a 30 minute wait for a table during which time we visited the gift shop and walked along the water. We then had a wonderful dinner, Cheryl having a shrimp Cobb salad, and I shrimp and pasta. No desserts, too full. We returned to our hotel and relaxed.

Tomorrow: Our first game at First Data Field.

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