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Lute's Casino

Another view of Lute's

We have started to enjoy the Arizona weather and getting into shorts, tee shirts and sandals...but woke up this morning switching on the heat. It is hard to believe that we now consider 53 degrees as cool. This morning everyone in the Dog Park (parents) had on long sleeved sweatshirt, heavy shirt or jacket. We got soft in 5 days. I think it had to do with the wind. It was 10+ mph this morning with predicted winds of 20 - 30 mph with gusts of 40+. Anyway Ziva and I cut our visit to about 30 minutes and returned to the Bus. But, let's back up as I recap the past four days.

Tuesday was that day we wanted but dreaded. It was time to take the Bus for a spin and fill it up with diesel. So about 10:30 we started the breakdown. I went to the store early and notified security that we were going for our outing so all the proper folks were notified. It was a little after 1:00 when we finally fired up the Bus. Since it had been 75 days since we rigged to drive, we had to work off our checklists. Then we checked them twice to make sure. Everything we could was stored in the CLAM since we would reinstall as soon as we returned. We fired up the generator and experienced some issues. To be exact the identical problems we experienced last year. The generator will run for a little while and then run rough for a few seconds and shuts down. There is no Cummins facility in Yuma so we will try to travel back with it as is and then get it serviced in Red Bay. It will mean early travel days before the heat builds up but we can do it rather than get too many people touching it like we did last year. We drove over to Wellton, where I have been going on most Mondays to play golf. We turned around there and headed back. This route requires us to go through the Fortuna Foothills Pass. It is not a very high pass, but it is one of the most awkward I have ever driven. The I-8 lanes change sides. The west bound lanes cross over the east bound on the way up and then back over on the other side of the pass. It is not difficult but just odd. Then we went back to Flying J and purchased over 101 gallons. The interesting thing about AZ it that there are separate pumps for RV's that do not include so much road tax. It was about 60 cents a gallon less than the posted diesel price and that was nice with as much diesel as we had to purchase. Now we had only driven about 125 miles since our prior fill-up, but we have run the AquaHot for 75 days and some of those days were cool enough that the heat was on a lot. We will have to factor out the average mpg on this tank. Then we went back to the Palms and set everything back up. By 4:00 we were all put back together or close enough to say we were exhausted. We were starting to dinner when we circled by our friends on the other side only to find out one of the couples was going to have to leave on Thursday to travel back to Arkadelphia. We then ran to dinner and got back to the Bus where we zonked.

Wednesday all we did was feel tired from Tuesday. Slow start and really did not get out until about 3:00 to go tell Frank and Connie bye for this year. We ended up staying until about 5:00. We went back to the Bus and got a call from Mark and Sue wanting to play cards. We had a quick dinner and they arrived about 7:00. We played cards until about 9:00 and they headed out. We stayed up a little longer and watched the last 3 minutes of the Ark/Vanderbilt game. Then bedtime.

Thursday, we took it easy. Ziva and I made our early morning outing and then settled in to the Bus. We watched a little basketball and took care of some things in the Bus. I spent some time late in the afternoon getting everything ready for the wind expected on Friday. I moved the bikes to the back of the Bus and placed the covers on them. I moved everything out of the CLAM and folded it down since I did not want it to become a parachute and blow away or rip up in the strong winds. Then we had a quiet evening, quietly cheering for the Lady Razorbacks to beat Georgia. Whoo!! Then it was time for bed.

Friday as I said earlier was a lot cooler outside than it had been. We have 4 days now back in the 60's but today is the only windy day...thank goodness. After the morning DP visit, we did not get out until about 1:30 when we went back to the DP to let Ziva make a pit stop before we left. We got away a little after 2:00 and headed for the Historic Downtown Yuma district. We ended up having lunch at Lute's Casino. I have a few pictures of the eclectic decorations. It was a casino back in the early 1900's. Today it is just a bar and lite foods. Sue had a bean and cheese burrito and it was huge and good. I had a Lute's Especial or a cheeseburger with a fried hot dog added. The menu said "you know you want to try it", so I did. It was good...but it really did sit heavy. We left and walked around a little more in the downtown area and found a bicycle shop we had been looking for to service Sue's bad brake. We discussed the issue with them and we will get the bike to them in the next few days. Then we went by the Yuma Civic Center. It will have a couple of concerts we might attend before we leave. One is a Beach Boys tribute show and the other is a Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute. We will see. Then we drove down south of town where all the citrus trees are that I had seen about a week or so ago. You can see the oranges and the lemons on some of the trees. Then we stopped by WalMart to get a few items we needed. Then it was a scurry back to the DP to get Ziva there before everyone else left. There were only six dogs there for her to play with but she did well. Then it was back to the Bus to rest. We could hear the planes that were flying tonight for the MCAS Air Show. The wind is still blowing but not quite so hard. The big show will be tomorrow just after lunch. We got a call from Mark and Sue and we are going to Mexico in the morning. Not sure what we are going for...but we will wing it anyway. We are working on our travel plans to make sure we are home to be with Beth when she starts her chemo. That also means we will be there for Katie's birthday. We are excited to be able to go back and help her through this upcoming tough time. Pray for her. Now, it is bedtime because we have to get up early to leave the country.

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