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Volunteers were needed at our Shooting Range today so John and I drove out to the range using the back road which was open. When we arrived there was a guy using a weed whacker and two others getting ready to put up the five remaining sun screens.

We pitched in and worked at lacing the sunscreens to the metal frames installed by other volunteers. It took about 2 ½ hours to complete the job and we drove back to the resort.

Marilyn was just finishing up the washing of her car when I arrived home. I pitched in with rearranging the patio furniture in anticipation of the Open House on Sunday.

We sat together for a while making a grocery shopping list and then left for a drive to the HEB store. We spent some time shopping and escaped after spending just under $100. However we now have a great supply of food on hand.

By the time we returned and had the groceries inside and put away, my feet, legs, and especially my back was hurting so my next stop was my recliner where I spent the next couple of hours resting.

Tomorrow we are going to Mexico with friends Denny & Jackie and John & Lori. This will probably be our last trip across the border this season.

Life is Good!

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