John and Janet 2019 Louisiana travel blog

We will leave New Jersey around April 1. As usual, we have a planned route but our trips never go exactly as planned. If all goes well, we will be on the road for two and a half to three months.

Much of our trip is about scenic drives. As always, we will avoid the interstates. We look forward to visiting many National Parks, Historic Sites and Monuments. We like to find “Americana” along the way. We hope to see a lot of wildlife. I will take pictures and John will fish. I also plan to find time to sketch and paint. We will use our motorcycle whenever possible and record our adventures with our GoPro Camera.

Highlights of our Planned Route:

We will travel west only as far as Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We will then head south. We will parallel Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. If the weather is good, we will explore parts of these byways on the motorcycle. Our first major stop will be Smoky Mountain National Park.

From the Smoky Mountains, we will head to Chattanooga, Tennessee. We have never visited Chattanooga and look forward to spending time here.

From Chattanooga, we head to Louisiana. Our main goal is to fish in Venice.

After spending time in southern Louisiana, we will travel northwest to Fort Worth, Texas. We have a friend here that we have not seen in some time. It will be good to visit.

From Texas, we will head northeast through Oklahoma on our way to Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri. We have never visited the Ozarks. We have lots planned in this area.

After the Ozarks, we will be headed home. We will make stops in Kentucky and Ohio before finding our way back to New Jersey.

This is the plan. Of course, it is just a plan. It is always fun at the end of the trip to see how we do.

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