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Las Barrancas #1 tee looking east to the Foothills

Las Barrancas #1 tee looking north

Finally...an Osprey

Since we have been in Arizona (since mid December) the weather has teased us with warm days then it has always cooled off...but, for this week it is warming up. It has been into the 80's the last few days and will warm on up to the mid and upper 80's in a few days. By the weekend it will cool back off to the upper 60"s for about a week. Now the secret of knowing if it is Arizona weather is when the local folks start acknowledging that rattlesnakes are now being spotted. That is now being done. Huh-oh...that means I will have to start packing on the golf course.

Bill, our neighbor from Missouri, and I went to a local gun show on Sunday. It was not large but it filled the building it was in at the County Fairgrounds. We spent about an hour and a half walking through and looking at a lot of neat old guns and a lot of interesting accessories. (like $1,500 rifle sights) Bill made the only purchase and that was a small and inexpensive sight for one of his rifles back at home. We were back before noon.

The rest of the day was spent watching the PGA golf tournament, both inside and out. Sue felt well enough to sit in the CLAM with Ziva for about an hour. Finally, it got too warm to sit outside. Our Bus is facing SW so when the sun gets to about 2:00 p.m. it is getting warm on the lounging side of the Bus. We watched golf and movies until I went downtown to Da Boyz and picked up our dinner. We had the same items we had last Monday. It was again delightful. We did not go to bed until later due to being stuffed. I slept well and Sue did not.

Today, I was up early and had breakfast before taking Ziva to the Dog Park. We stayed a little over 30 minutes as she played with her friends and had a great time. She is truly a different dog than the one that arrived here with us. I went back to the Bus to get ready for our Monday golf outing. Several of the guys that I have grown to be friends with were in the group. We went to Las Barrancas Golf Course. The starter acknowledged that there were two rattlesnakes sighted last week and a 5 foot bull snake. So much for looking for lost balls. The two pictures on the golf course are on the first tee. One is to the east looking at the Fortuna Foothills and then I took a shot north and you can see the Foothills running along the side of the picture. We had a great time and the temperature was in the low 80's with about a 5 - 10 mph wind. This course was the first that had good grass greens so it was different to any I had played on so far. Also, it was a true desert course with only one tee box having any houses on the course. A lot of fun with a truly terrible score...but it was a beautiful day.

Then back to the Bus and a shower before I ran to Walgreen's and WalMart while Sue heated up dinner. Again, the Da Boyz stuff was great. While Ziva and I were at the DP this afternoon, I did get a picture of an Osprey as it flew over. Not great but it is with a phone and not a camera. We are watching the last Monday night of college basketball games before tournaments begin.

Well, we are off to bed so we can get up to enjoy the Arizona weather tomorrow...only gonna be 84 degrees or so...

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