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What a difference a day makes! I’m writing about the change in our weather here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Day before yesterday we had a wonderful group of Mountaindale friends on our patio to welcome Bob & Janet back to the valley. The temperature was 83 degrees and the light breeze was just right to make us comfortable.

Yesterday was 80 degrees and a group of 14 friends met in Mexico to have a cold drink, listen to live music, share a lunch at “Arturos” and do some shopping. The weather was wonderful as we expected. However, once we returned home the wind picked up and the temperature fell enough that we turned the A/C off and opened the windows.

By the time we went to bed last night we set the furnace to come on at 68 degrees. I heard the furnace cycle on and off several times during the night and today the forecast calls for a high temp around 43 degrees. That is nearly 40 degrees cooler than yesterday! Of course it is forecast to be 94 degrees by Saturday so the A/C will be busy again.

Marilyn & I drove to another RV Park nearby to pick up the meds Bill & Deb brought home for us, and then drove to the HEB store. We picked up a couple of items for dinner and drove home. By this time the rain had stopped and the temperature remained right at 40 degrees which is about as cold as we want to see it down here.

Marilyn promised to pop some corn and it will be a quiet evening with the TV and hot buttered popcorn. Life is Good!

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