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March 2019

Been on No. 2 for over a week now – getting used to her and working out what we need to do to her and buy for our future adventures on her. We’ve been pretty lucky so far in that the previous owner had invested so much into her getting her ready for his big adventure and she’s already circumnavigated the world so she is up to it (hence one of the major reasons for us buying her). Although having said that there is a fair bit of maintenance and upkeep and repair that needs to be completed (after all she is over 20 years old).

Current thoughts are, the outcome of Brexit dependent, to take No. 1 back to the UK this summer and then take No. 2 across the Med to potentially Portugal for the winter and then further afield. But these ideas could change should we Brexit with a deal. A no deal Brexit will be the worst outcome. Anyway, we will just have to live with whatever comes out in the next couple of weeks.

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