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We were certainly ready to go when our friends Denny & Jackie arrived to pick us up for the ride to Mexico.

We talked all the way and about 40 minutes after leaving the resort we arrived at the parking lot. Jackie noticed Bob & Janet who rode with Eddie & Jan just getting out of the car as we parked. The four couples of us walked together as we crossed the bridge, and we arrived at Ponchos Bar where Bill & Deb had a table set up for 14 people. Mike & Marian arrived right behind us and then Mike & Sandy arrived to take the last two seats.

Now the fourteen friends sat together chatting and laughing together, sharing tall tales over a delicious cold drink. The fun lasted until we were all hungry so we then walked down the street to have lunch at Arturos.

Everyone seemed to like their choice of entrée but we didn’t linger after eating because the restaurant was busy and we felt pressured to leave.

We separated into smaller groups and shopped on the way back to the border. We accidently left a sack of meds in the basket of Bill & Deb as they were ready to checkout and we didn’t realize our mistake until we arrived at home. Marilyn texted our friends and sure enough they had our purchase and we will pick it up tomorrow. Thanks Bill & Deb.

Now we’re ready to spend some time with the TV and each other. Life is Good!

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