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Casey and Roo

Casey's ostrich imitation

I slept in until about 7:00 on Friday. I am beginning to be able to stay in bed later that the 5:30 I was accustomed to for all those years. But it was only 10 minutes premature to what would have been my wake up call. The Marine Corps Air Station went into full gear about 7:10. I heard jet engines for jets of all sizes roaring until just after 7:25. Now is the time for all of you readers to remember that the MCAS is 4 miles away from our resort. The jets were loud...damn loud. So now that I was wide awake I decided to have breakfast prior to the morning trip to the Dog Park. I was through and working on coffee by the time Ziva's internal clock told her it was time to go at about 8:20. As usual there were a number of other dogs down there and we stayed for the essential 30 - 40 minutes so all could play. It was not an issue for me since I had already eaten.

So back to the Bus. Sue was preparing her breakfast. She had an hour or so of book work to get the February books closed and the March books open for us to manage our budget. After getting ready for the day I decided it was time to ride my bicycle. I made a tour of the entire park (all the streets) and back in about 10 minutes. That was only my second ride since we have been here. It reminded me that we needed to take Sue's bike in to have her rear brake fixed. We will get that done next week. I rested and before changing clothes again I made one more trip through the resort.

It was an easy day as we stayed in the Bus waiting to hear from Beth and her results. We had a planned outing with Bill and Lisa to the Chicken Shack. Try this on for size...we were going there because they advertise "blackened catfish" on Fridays. Just as they arrived at the door Beth called with her wonderful results...no remaining cancer. WooHoo ! ! ! Then we were off to dinner. Long story short, it was spicy catfish, not at all what we knew as blackened catfish. It was not bad but it was a let down from what we had expected. Great time and back in time to get to the DP without messing up the dogs' schedules. While there I got pictures of Casey (Springer Spaniel) burying his head in a hole where prairie dogs have dug into the DP. Roo (big black lab) is sitting there like he is waiting his turn. The second picture shows Casey's head buried up to his ears. When that hour outing was over Sue and I went to WalMart and picked up a few items we needed to be able to get through the weekend. Then back for a little television and to bed at a reasonable hour.

Saturday started a lot quieter than Friday. The Marines must have been sleeping in today. Again I had breakfast before we went to the DP. A 30 minute visit with Ziva's friends and the new friends I have made. Then back to the Bus. I got ready and went to the pharmacy. Sue is having a relapse of her crud she had a few weeks ago. All four of the ladies in our group have had relapses and two have been to a local urgent care. Several are on amoxicillin. One has been diagnosed with pneumonia. Today I picked up a new box of Mucinex tablets and a few items from Fry's that WalMart did not have last night.

Then it was back to the Palms. Today was redneck Olympics at various places around the park and there was some participation. It was cute. They paraded around the park to various points of competition. With Sue under the weather we stayed inside and watched college basketball. We had some pride when we started getting photos texted to us showing that we had two children, one son-in-law and four grandkids in Fayetteville calling the Hogs at the basketball game against Mississippi. When you get pictures of your grandchildren being raised as their mothers were...you have to feel proud. At least that was one thing they learned from us. Hogs won...not sure how, but they did.

We watched television all afternoon and tonight and saw a bunch of basketball games. The only break in that was the afternoon trip Ziva and I took to the DP and me going outside several times to make sure the CLAM was still staked down as the winds have come up to 15 - 25 mph. It is now dying down so I have one more trip out to make sure it stayed here. It is now time to make sure Sue has her next round of medicine and get to bed. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice with less wind. WooHoo...

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