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Humming Bird Feeding

Snow Capped Mountains

Day 45 - Friday 22nd February

The beginning of the end of our trip starts today. Last chance to empty out the toilet & the waste water tanks & clean out the RV. Our sites at the camps have all been full service pitches with electricity, water & waste points so it was just a case of connecting up our floppy corrugated waste pipe to the nearby waste pipe. We are intending to stay at a casino or a Walmart’s when we get back to Los Angeles. I originally booked to stay here tonight but decided that it would be safer to make our way back to LA today in case of delays tomorrow.

I also had to return the RV with a full tank of propane so I filled that up at the camp before we had an early lunch using up our last tins of ravioli & meatballs. Last chance to marvel at the beauty of the humming birds feeding at the picnic table on the site next door before we left.

We passed out of the desert like valley past the snow capped mountains into the greener valley nearer LA. The traffic gradually built up as we got closer to LA, it was horrible with sometimes six lanes of traffic in each direction. Frightened stiff of hitting anything in this monster with cars & trucks passing by on both sides. There is a $1,500 excess that we are liable for if we damage it at all although I did take out extra insurance in the UK to cover the high excess.

Anyway we made it safely back to LA by 6pm after taking it steady & first stopped at one of the casinos not far from the RV hire depot. We had a look inside but there was no buffet on offer so we popped over the road to KFC where we found that they also sold fish & chips. Then it was back to the car park at the Walmart store we stopped on our first night.

As we had emptied our waste & toilet tank we made good use of the toilets at Walmart’s before settling down for the night at the bottom of the car park.

Miles today - 150

Total Miles - 2,958

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