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Ziva and Sunny playing tug

With a ball

The end of February and I was told yesterday the locals say this has been the coldest winter in 20 years. BUT...cold is relative. Back home they have had snow and freezing rain and so much rain they are growing webbed feet. Some of our neighbors are talking with their families (mostly in Canada) and are talking temperatures in the minus 40 range. So our cold days of upper 50's is not too bad. But starting on Monday of this week, Arizona weather has arrived and the forecast is great.

Wednesday was to have been a trip with our friends from Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana, but they had two ill. So our day was free of structure...so we took it easy...or kind of. I took the early morning trip to the Dog Park with Ziva. Our neighbors from Missouri were there with their three dogs and I was able to get two good pictures of Ziva and Sunny playing together. They wrestle and run together all the time. However, on Wednesday morning they were trying not to share a ball that is in the park. They both wanted it and the pictures show the first shot (because that was the only one I thought I would get) but the second was zoomed. It was a cute moment in the Dog Park. After breakfast we had different agendas. Sue was working on taxes with Bub (or Dan, depending on which you prefer). They traded phone calls and information on the internet. We had a knock on the door and it was our neighbor from across the street. It was almost like asking if I could come out and play, adult version...or, would I like to go play golf. Oh well, Sue and Bub do better without me so I said yes. I left a little after 1:00 and we headed to Desert Hills. My least favorite course so far but it was out in the beautiful 80 degree day and it is right adjacent to the Marine Corps Air Station. We teed off a little after 2:00 and the Air Station was busy. Two C-130's doing touch and go's. At least 30 different jets up and down and not taking off economy style. It was full power and they were loud and beautiful. Helicopters were everywhere. Wow! Golf was okay but the course did not go up on my list. I was doing well until the triple bogey on 9. My neighbor Ted had an engagement so 9 was all we played and I was glad. Back at the Bus I got the report on the taxes and headed to the DP with Ziva. It was non-eventful other than the other 6 dogs that were there and running. Ziva had a great time. Back at the Bus Sue was working on the French Onion soup she was preparing for dinner. Salad and French Onion soup and it was delicious. Wow...so, a little television, a shower and it was bedtime.

Thursday was a day to get up and around (slowly). Dog Park, breakfast, get dressed and ready for today. We left a little after noon to make the rounds on several items that needed our attention. First, was lunch at Chick Fil A. Good as always. Second, was a stop at Pet Smart for dog food. Third, we went to Sportsman's Warehouse to look at another chair for outside. I broke one about two months ago and purchased another chair about a month ago. Sue liked it so we were going to look about one for her. We found one like mine but they had another that was more her size and one she really liked. So, it came back to the Bus with us. Then we took it easy. We tried our best to stay cool since today it was 85 degrees. But we had to break down and turn on the A/C. I hope we do not go from too cool to too hot too quickly. Then it was time to visit the DP. Ziva has some sort of internal clock so about 5:00 she starts getting up and pulling on our hands, as if to say it's time and get up. A quick 45 minute trip to the park and 4 other dogs and other mom's and dad's to pass the time as the dogs played and rolled in the dirt. After so much of that fun we returned to the Bus to grill burgers. I grilled and Sue sautéed potatoes and onions. We enjoyed as much as we could and then did the dishes and settled in for a little television. The A/C is still on and the sun has been down for a couple of hours. Oh well, someone has to be here.

Tomorrow does not have an agenda yet but with another 85 degree day, I am sure we will have something come up. There is a car show here that starts tomorrow nite and will have about 1,500 cars. If we can get there, I will have pictures. I feel for those back home and their immediate forecast but...I will try to offset their misery out here in the mid 80 degree weather.

Congratulations to Haley for spending Mother's Weekend with Kacy in Fayetteville. She will get to go to the 25th celebration of Arkansas Basketball's National Championship. Since she was in Charlotte to see the games, it is appropriate she be in Fayetteville for this celebration. Prayers are still with Beth as she recoups and waits on her pathology report. Hopefully tomorrow all her questions will be answered. We certainly pray for favorable news. Now it is bedtime and that is a good time to say more prayers.

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