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We had a busy morning today and started right after the coffee was finished off. We reviewed our shopping list, adding several items and were ready to go shopping. Marilyn cleaned the kitchen while I made the bed, and we were soon ready to go.

I had several checks to put in the mail for deposit to our account in the hometown bank so we drove first to the post office where we dropped the envelopes into the box. Our next stop was the HEB store where we split up to begin the shopping. The store was crowded so it took some time to fill the cart with the items on our list. Nearly all of the checkouts were open and it didn’t take us long to check out.

On the drive back to our RV we noticed two Border Patrol helicopters hovering not far from our resort. They have been capturing & arresting approximately 1000 illegals every day here in the valley and the drugs captured a week ago amounted to nearly one million dollars worth.

Marilyn & I put the groceries away and then she started doing laundry. Around 1:00 PM I started fixing a steak with mushrooms and Marilyn fixed some sweet corn to go with the meal. We try to eat only one good meal each day and to limit ourselves to small appetizers the rest of the time.

After things were cleaned up Marilyn took her book outdoors to read for a while. I took care of some business and now am nearly ready to begin doing our Federal taxes. Maybe I’ll get a start tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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