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I awoke to the sound of the coffee maker grinding the coffee beans and by the time I was dressed the fresh brewed coffee was waiting for me.

Marilyn & I shared our coffee while talking over some plans for today and the immediate future. Then Jan called and my Honey left to take a walk with Jan.

By the time the ladies returned I had made the bed, ate a sausage, egg, and cheese muffin sandwich for breakfast, and was ready to get outdoors to complete several chores,

Marilyn joined me outdoors and raked up leaves which I helped her bag. I then mixed a chemical to spray the algae growing on the concrete patio. The chemical is called “Wet it and Forget it” and it works very well.

After spraying I put things away and finished dumping and cleaning the black tank. By then it was time for lunch and Marilyn fixed rice, then added leftover chili. That was tasty indeed.

The remainder of our day was spent working puzzles on the computer when I should have been working on my book. Marilyn worked on her cross-stitch project, trying hard not to get frustrated. I don’t believe she was entirely successful in that I heard a considerable amount of mumbling and muted conversation going on between her and the pattern.

No matter. We know that Life is Good!

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