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Marilyn & I both awoke feeling much better today. We thought about calling friends to go out for breakfast but decided to wait one more day to assure that we aren’t going to be a “Typhoid Mary”.

We shared a simple breakfast and then completed the chores which made things all “spiffy” around the RV.

With things looking fine around here we left for a walk. We have really needed to get out for some exercise and today was the day. When we returned to the RV we both felt even better. We communicated with some friends via the computer and then I grilled several thick burgers which we ate with mashed potatoes & gravy and some roasted Brussels Sprouts in a butter sauce.

Once we had the kitchen clean again we took another walk. This time I struggled a bit but we made it and then relaxed with the TV, Computer, and Marilyn’s cross-stitch project.

It was another beautiful day and we enjoyed leaving the windows and the door open all day. Now it’s time to share some of the really good Lemon Cookie Ice Cream from the HEB store. I really like Lemon ice cream. Not sherbet or sorbet but ice cream. It is rare so I must be in the minority but I really like it. Blue Bell used to make a similar ice cream but it is no longer found here.

That’s the way our day went and it sure is nice to feel good today. Life is Good!

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