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Canal houses

A few of the ladies offering wears on the floating market

A wealthy house on the river

A view of The Grand Palace from the river

Wat Pho from the river

the temple from up close

Temple of "broken china"

Remarkable workmanship

The water and light show across the river

the plaza of the"shopping" mall

Restored Prow figure of barge

Over 20 barges in dock to be restored

Many crafsts people working on the restoration

Depiction of traditional barge convoy

Example of the intricacy of the work. the left red background will...

Another prow figure awaiting restoration

A minor barge being restored

A restored cannon

Dragon eye of pure jade

More work in progress

Back to the hotel for a bit of a rest and then we were off for a canal tour with a stop at the Royal Barge Museum.

We were too late to witness the floating market at its height but did encounter a the tail end. Again, the dichotomy of poor in dilapidated houses next to massive modern homes continues to strike us.

Our stop at the Royal Barge Museum was fascinating watching men and women painstakingly restore dozens of ancient barges to their former glory. these barges are 40 plus meters long and take 1000s of hours to manually remove old carving, glass and other ornamentation and replace each piece anew. We were told that they will actually be used for an reenactment later this year.

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