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A wet Dog Park

And it is gonna stay wet

Well, if I had to describe the weather the past several days is Yuk! ! Whether it has been wind, cool or rain, it can best be described as Yuk.

Sunday was windy and cool so we just settled in and watched the PGA golf tournament in Los Angeles. We started with the early morning coverage and stayed to the very end. It was most interesting to see the pros play like amateurs in the late going, be it weather or fatigue but they played less than their best.

Monday was a golf day in Wellton and I was gone from 10:00 until about 4:30. Sue took care of a few stops...like the mail and touching base with our friends from Arkansas and was ready for me to get back to the Bus. After a quick shower we headed off to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I really enjoyed mine but Sue had ordered the NY Strip and it was not a great cut of meat. So back to the Bus and sit up a while to let everything digest.

Tuesday the weather was a little better but not much. This entire week is forecast to be Yuk but Ziva and I did get out to get mail. She loved the trip because Ted, the mail room volunteer, gave her two treats and leaned out the door and made sure she got petted sufficiently. During the afternoon, we went to Mark and Sue D's motorhome to play cards. We had a great time (I won). We got back to the Bus in time to take Ziva to the Doggie Park. We decided to eat out again and went to Five Guys in the main retail area of Yuma. It was the first time we have been to Five Guys in some time. We drove around Yuma the long way back and then settled in to watch what we had recorded earlier (NCIS). Then to bed at a reasonable time and a fair nights sleep.

Wednesday was another day where we did little because of the weather, even though it turned out that should be the best day of this week. Next week we finally get to the 70 degree days (shorts) that we have hoped for all 60 days we have been here. Around 4:00 we got a call to go to dinner with Frank and Connie and Mark and Sue D. We all went to Applebee's. On Wednesday it is 30% off for seniors. We arrived at 4:30 and it was already a 20 minute wait. We finally got seated and had great food and a great time. We returned about 6:30 only to disappoint Ziva because all the other dogs had already been to the Doggie Park. She was so disappointed. Then back to the Bus to watch a little television. Arkansas was getting embarrassed so we moved on to North Carolina/Duke. I was watching when Zion blew out his Nike shoe. I have never seen anything like that. Well soon that game was out of hand so we moved on to other shows. We were about ready to go to bed when we discovered the refrigerator was a little bit warmer than it had been. We took the cover off the front and vacuumed the coils and that did not seem to help for a few minutes. Sue looked up troubleshooting on the refrigerator and we tried a few things and then SHAZAM it started working again. The freezer appears to be working perfectly but the refrigerator is about 5 degrees above where it has normally been. Finally, about 1:00 a.m. we got in bed.

On Thursday (today), I was up early and took Ziva to the DP about 8:15 and all of her friends were there. They played and ran and finally took care of business and we were back by 9:15. Then breakfast and the rain started. I has rained off an on all day but late this afternoon it really rained...at least for out here. All of the concrete and the streets were wet and water running. So when we arrived at the park about 5:20 you can see the water in the two pictures. Ziva was good about staying out of the standing water except once when she did not quite clear the standing water. That was okay but when the dove she landed on the other side of the water from her, it made no difference, she plowed through the middle. Then it was back to the Bus and time spent drying off the wet feet. We timed it right as more rain came down not long after we returned. We ate left overs and other things in the refrigerator for dinner. Now it is time to shower and get ready for another trip to Mexico tomorrow. We are going early with Mark and Sue D. So, I will try to post tomorrow night to report on our outing. Now it is time to shower and get in bed.

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