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Broken Tooth Horror

Day 39 - Saturday 16th February

We set off again today to go to Tijuana hoping that the flooding had eased enough to let us get into San Diego. The plan being to park up at a Walmart’s buy a day ticket for the metro system & take the bus & a tram down to the border. The road to the right outside the camp was open again with only a light flow off water today. It was also open again at the place where we turned back yesterday so we were able to drive the ten miles to the Walmart car park near the bus terminus.

The bus took us right into San Diego to the tram line & we switched onto that to go down to Ysidero the border town with Tijuana. Tremendous amount of traffic crossing to & from Mexico & lots of construction going on with an extra terminal just opened. We went across the border & for the first time we actually had to queue & present documents to get in. As soon as we got in we decided that we had seen enough & after a short walk about we made our way back out again. Good job we weren’t in a car as the traffic queues to get into the USA were horrendous especially large as it was a Saturday. The pedestrian queue was bad enough but it only took us about forty five minutes. Our shortest trip to Mexico ever.

We made our way back to the camp site via the tram, bus & RV reversing our morning route. The laundry rooms at the camp are out of service due to the recent heavy rain so unable to catch up with the washing for now. Hopefully we will be able to do it at the next camp. We did get a nice rib eye steak meal at the little camp restaurant in the evening accompanied by a jazz trio. Some entertainment for a change before bed.

Miles today - 26

Total Miles - 2,488

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