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Waiting game Feb 6th

Feb. 9th

Feb. 10th

Feb. 13th

Feb. 14th

The peak 59.79


Coast Guard looking for a ramp a pontoon had floated by 2...

Beginning of flood ,water will be 10 feet above brigde

On Feb.8 I was all excited about all the activities they were having in Daytona Beach it was Speed Week. I had cut out of the paper all of the activities that I wanted to look at. They had 2 car shows across the street from us and lots of racing and entertainment activities all around Daytona.

But things have a way of changing even with the best plans. I had been watching the Ohio River for several days. The weather forecast was calling for rain several days and they were running up the river. So on Feb.6th it showed the river going from 23 feet to 52.4 feet on the 13th. Saturday morning at 10 am they had predicted the level rise to 60.5 flood stage is 55 feet. It would cross the road at 63 ft and be high enough you couldn't move anything out. So Saturday around noon I told Linda I needed a plane ticket to Kentucky Feb 10th better to be safe than sorry I flew out Sunday at 6 am.

Tammy picked me up at the air port and took me to Brandenburg. A friend(Pat) called said he would stop by. When he got there he mentioned loading my garage and storage room stuff up and haul to his house. The storage room is the apartment down stairs that I turned into storage from last years flood in February. Two trailer loads later it was in storage in his storage building. What a friend I can't thank him enough. Everything will stay there tell spring time.

The pictures tell the rest of the story. I flew back to Florida 3;47 pm Feb.17th and will be on stand by waiting on the next high water prediction.

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