Bob and Julie head South travel blog

On the road to Corpus Christi

Downtown Corpus. A bit hazy today

Our digs at the Best Western Plus in Portland, TX

Cool hobby shop found in Portland. Mostly model rail roading stuff.

When Julie feels like fighting, we look for a biker bar.

Our friend Bev. Owner of Chat's Drive In.

When in Corpus, we always go to Chat's Drive In.

Bev and Julie in a deep conversation about something important

Julie scored these cool bottle holders

San Marcos to Corpus Christi, TX


Taking a road trip to Corpus Christi, TX.

First up, breakfast at a local IHOP. Upon arrival, I noticed the parking lot was full so Julie, reading my body language and knowing how much I love waiting in lines said, “Just chill out, we may have to wait a bit.” I chilled. We had to walk through a crowd on the sidewalk just to get to the front door (IHOP is this popular?!). There was standing room only in a crowded lobby. Julie muttered something like, “Oh Hell no”, pivoted 180 degrees and walked out the door. I bring out the best in her. The Saturday morning restaurant trade is booming in San Marcos.

We decided to drive down the road a bit and see if we could spot something along the way. We pulled off I-35 South somewhere north of San Antonio at a Starbucks coffee store. This Starbucks had a grid lock traffic jam in the parking lot. We went to a gas station across the street to steal a tank of gas ( I consider it stealing when gas prices are less than 2 bucks a gallon). I suggested to Julie that she could just “slip across” the busy intersection and get us coffee. She just gave me “the look.” In her defense, crossing that road would have been like that sporting “Frogger” video game from way back when. Guess she wasn’t in a sporting mood.

With a full tank of gas, but no coffee, we pressed on. The weather had taken a turn from yesterday’s 89 degree sunny high to a brisk 48 degrees and cloudy. Forty-eight degrees isn’t cold, but it sure feels that way after a 40 degree temperature drop overnight and 90 percent humidity.

The 150 mile drive to the Gulf Coast was pleasant and took only 2 .5 hours. Lots of rural land to cross before getting to the refineries just outside of Corpus. The town itself is very pretty if a bit hard to see in the haze. You could barely see the water.

After settling in to our hotel. we took a drive around Portland and located a hobby shop. Weather started to clear up a little so we drove into Corpus along Shoreline Blvd. Very pretty beaches and boat harbors.

We went to a cute bar named “Chat’s Drive In” owned by our friend Bev who we met a few years ago in Las Vegas. There was a motorcycle club holding a fund raiser, so business was brisk. We got reacquainted with Bev and met her daughter. Julie also hit it off with some old guys playing shuffle board. These gents were very happy to explain the game to her. I couldn’t believe she had never seen the game before. Her new friends said they needed chalk for the score board and so Julie went off to Walmart to find some leaving me alone in a bar full of bikers.

Had a great visit with Bev who could not have been a more gracious hostess. She recommended things to do and places to eat. She offered to put us up anytime we are in the area.

After leaving Chat’s we got dinner then turned in for the night. Hopefully tomorrow will reveal the sunny Corpus Christi we read about in the travel book.

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