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Day 34 - Monday 11th February

We headed along the border a bit in the morning & down just across the border into Mexico. The Mega geocache group were having a meting there in the morning so we wanted to look in on them & get a few Mexican geocaches while we were there.

We parked up in a big car park on the USA side & walked across the border into Algodones on the Mexican side. The whole place is full of dental practices, optical shops & pharmacies with touts everywhere trying to get customers. Most of those shops had one or two Americans or Canadians in them, presumably because they are so much cheaper here than in the USA.

We found a few geocaches as we wandered around but at most of them there were already groups of geocachers who got there before us so we didn’t have to do much searching to find them. We went along to the cafe where they were all meeting but didn’t stay long as we wanted to get back for the afternoon “jam” session at our hosts house. Good job we didn’t stay long as the line to get out of town was long. It took us just under an hour to shuffle our way through the border back into the USA.

We had a marvellous afternoon. There were eight or ten people mostly with guitars playing & singing oldies & country songs. There was one keyboard plus a guy on a makeshift drum & there were lots of amplifiers & microphones all set up on the patio. They all took turns then to sing or play some better than others but that didn’t matter everyone got clapped at the end of their song. Apparently these “jams” are popular down this part of the country & you can go to one most days of the week. We saw several little signs outside RV camps & housing complexes advertising them.

We even got fed at this one as some had brought along food & we had a pot luck picnic half way through the afternoon. Plus the sun shone in a clear blue sky to top it all off. Lovely way to spend the afternoon. I just wish I had any sort of musical talent to add to the session, sadly I could only listen.

Just time at the end of the afternoon to get down to the nearby Walmart & stock up again ready to move on tomorrow towards San Diego. We are booked back into a Thousand Trail camp on the 14th so have a couple of nights accommodation to sort out on the way. No more Boondockers hosts available on the way so maybe Walmart’s car parks or Casinos by the look of it.

Miles today - 50

Total Miles - 2,210

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