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Day 32 - Saturday 9th February

We tucked $30 under the cover on the nearby propane tank as instructed to pay for the electricity we had here for the last two nights. We could have managed without the electricity but I wanted to have our little electric fire going at night because it has been cold. We also need electricity for the microwave oven otherwise we can’t cook much.

Today we headed over to Yuma as there is a Geocaching mega meet there tomorrow so we wanted to go there to see how it compared with our UK meets. It was a long drive through desert country most of the way. We have been listening to one of the Stig Larssens trilogy books, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest. We have the audio version on our iPad & play it through the RV radio which has an audio imput socket. Helps pass the time.

One disaster on the way though! A filling fell out of the side of one my teeth as we were going along. I tried putting it back in & it stuck for a while until we stopped for a break & cheeseburger & my filling disappeared altogether. No problem so long as it doesn’t set off any scanners at the airport when we leave. Should have gone by then I hope.

One of the only features of our trip through the desert today is the really long trains we see close by travelling from East to West or vice versa. Most of them have four engines & well over a hundred freight wagons.

Our hosts at our Boondockers place today live about ten miles West of Yuma in a fairly new development of low house set on large plots. Everything laid out in square blocks with a mixture of RV Parks & bungalows. We had a very warm welcome & were greeted with tea, our first on the trip. I think they believe that all English people drink tea.

We set up on their drive next to the house & they were insistent that we should use their electric connection & Wi-fi so we were well set up. We were only supposed to be staying here one night but they said that they would like us to stay longer as they were having a “jam” session on the patio at the back of the house on Monday. We were even treated to a musical evening in their front room. Everett played the guitar & Linda sang while we listened to a number of oldies & favourites. A lovely evening but we hadn’t had tea before we joined them so we ended up having a late supper back in the RV.

Miles today - 225

Total Mileage - 2,125

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