Trip with friends to Costa Reca travel blog

Pacifico Timeshare Resort

Office complex


Beautiful flowers for a rose

Third floor condo - top, right

A wave from above - a damsel in distress (Karlene)

Visitor to our veranda during early morning coffee


Found on our beds Valentines Day



Karlene having lunch at the Balcony



Grocery store





Poor building - great pizza

Cell phones had by everyone

Best way to see the area


Enjoying a walk on the beach







Tom's visit to the local medical center

Receptionist with her Valentine bouquet

Valentines Dinner at the Beach Club







Dinner at Father Rooster Resturant

Fire Dancers


We are enjoying being here in Coco Beach with picture perfect weather and the yin yang of the place. The time share-compound is fabulous. Our apartment is big and spotless like no one has ever lived here. The grounds are pristine and the office and restaurants are modern and up-to-date. Then there is the town. There is little or no trash, but everything looks old and run down. There is little or no need for weatherproofing buildings, so the restaurants are open under corrugated metal, rusty roofs, as are most of the shops. The grocery store and pharmacy are the exception. They are in new, clean buildings. The main road through town ends at the beach and is somewhat paved. Because of the poor roads, driving our golf cart is fun except for almost being broadsided pulling a U-turn in the middle of the block.

We spent the first full day at the Beach Club. It was nice except Tom burnt the soles of his feet on the black, hot sand. While Hugh and Tom were at the Medical Clinic, Sally and Karlene got sun burnt, not too bad, but still looked red and sore. Tom was treated and sent home and told to stay off his feet for two days.

For Valentines Day we had dinner at the Beach Club. We had the choice of sitting in the upscale restaurant or outdoors on the beach. We chose the beach. We arrived early, had drinks, and watched the sun set over the bay. Dinner was a delight with white table cloths, tiki torches, and good food accompanied by good, old, Central American music. With a half moon shining down and the sound of waves coming ashore, all in all it was very special.

We had dinner one night at Ocotal Bay at Father Roosters, an open, air restaurant near the beach. The highlight of the night were the fire dancers with their torches often being thrown high in the air. Dinner was good, but getting there and back after dark in our little golf cart was challenging. Sally and Karlene were hanging on tight so they didn’t bounce off the little bench in the back as bumps were maneuvered around, when spotted, along the dark, back roads.

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