Curt & Linda's

Chatting Valentine's Day eve

Fishing in the rain for lumber

Friendly retail guy

The lumber stack

Our lumber project loaded

An authentic MX lunch stop!

Definitely a family project

Mostly a local affair

Chicken soup and soft tacos, yummm!

Our ‘project’ for the evening...

Project completed!

Curt with our project completed---orchid steps stand

Steps to beach by Curt & Linda's place...a walk

View down the beach

End of walk down the beach...

Panorama looking back from where I came

Unusual geology along the shore

Having our signature meal of cheese fondue...Curt, Linda, Bon, and Nancy


Left at 2:30 pm in the rain...lots of rain. Going to Bonnie's grade school friend's (Linda) home. Two hours for a one hour drive...not bad.

Curt made Eggplant Parmesan for dinner and I attempted to video and make a new undertaking, making movies, ha!

Making Eggplant Parmesan

Not as successful as I would have liked...for some reason it wouldn't accept parts so that's why the !!! Back to the drawing table!

But the eggplant parmesan was delicious!



Bon and Linda went out for a 5.5 mile walk during the most windy and rainy part of the day...getting soaked in the process. Curt went on a 25 mile bike ride also getting mighty wet. Tim stayed home and played, ha!

Eve we celebrated Valentine's Day (totally forgot it, my bad!) thanks to Linda, Curt, and their friends Fred and, Bon & Linda's college friend, Nancy, who traveled with them for 3 months in Europe 50 years ago ! Yeah, count 'em! Wonderful evening talking past, present, and future plans. Thanks to all...



Bon, Linda, and Nancy went off to explore and play like they are want to do. Curt and I stuck together and did our best to stay out of trouble. Curt later went to his club to exercise (he is in sooo much better shape than I, but then he is dedicated about it).

Curt and I entered into a project on Curt's to-do list, a shelving platform for Linda's orchids. Lumber and block hauling to start...


In the eve we launched into another kind of project...entertainment, challenge, adventure, diversion from reality...?! A jigsaw puzzle, frustration but with perseverance great sense of fulfillment, ha!


Finished the orchid step display. Took a long walk on the beach during a minus tide...

Eve we had our signature dinner, cheese fondue, that has been a tradition for 10 years whenever we visit.


Reading most of the day...Bon and Linda gone most of the day...eve, Nancy (Chainger) treated us to dinner at a MX seafood place...yum. Great conversation and dessert afterward at Nancy's.

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