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Live music at Howling at The Moon Festival

It was a large gathering

Best photo of the rising moon, compliments of Ginger

The moon seen the next morning setting in the western sky

Heading out on our off road adventure

Looks like the trail just ends!

Looking back to the valley below

Some of the local desert plants seen along the way



Atop another portion of the trail

Distant views


Mmm, what are they doing down there?

Ahhh, panning for gold on a small backyard set up

One of the canals from Imperial dam actually goes through the hillside....

And those canals irrigate many fields. Here 4 types of lettuce for...

Opening ceremony at the rodeo



Riding the wild horse

Team calf roping, one cowboy laso’s the neck, the other has to...

1957 Chevy Belair

And an old Chrysler. All cars were expertly rebuilt and painted

Bentley behaving well around all his classmates

Lasagna done in our little smoker. Shared a nice meal with Herb...

Wonderful sunset seen here in our park

Here we are in the middle(ish) of February already, seems hard to believe that a month has passed since our last journal entry.


We made it over to the Howling at The Moon gathering in the foothills back on January 20th. There was quite a large gathering of people and the live band that played was excellent. The weather did not cooperate as it was cloudy, and we only caught a short glimpse of the moon as it came up over the mountains. However, the next morning, the sky was clear and we had a good view of the full moon as it was setting in the western sky. They gather each month at full moon, and we will go back again to take part in the festivities once more. We also have had a couple mornings where a partial moon was visible with Venus shining brightly to its left and Jupiter was also visible to its upper right.


Herb & Ginger treated us to another off road Jeep adventure. We travelled along the top of Laguna Ridge and over toward Imperial Dam. Wow, what a trip, and the views seemed to go on forever. The trail was steep and twisty. Along the way we stopped and visited with a couple of guys that were panning for gold. It was a small operation but our visit with them was interesting and informative. At the end of our off road adventure, we stopped at the imperial dam. Most of it was locked up and not accessible. The dam was unique in that the outlet side is like a hub that divides the water up and sends it out through several canals which are used to irrigate the land for growing crops. We ended our adventure at the Imperial Date Gardens and treated ourselves to a Date Shake. Yummy!!


This past weekend we went with Jim & Judy to the Yuma Fair Grounds and saw the Silver Spurs Jaycees 4th annual Rodeo. We have never been to a Rodeo before, and it sure was exciting to see. By most standards, this was a small event, but all the participants put their heart and soul into it. If you ever get the chance to see one of these events (big or small) don't miss it. What these guys and gals can do is impressive!


Otherwise we have been keeping busy with things here in the park. For instance, this past weekend there was an antique car show here in the park, with about 150 old cars on display. Otherwise, Tom finished up a small kitchen counter addition in the motorhome, and Deb has been busy working on several pieces in her pottery classes. Speaking of classes, Bentley is doing good in his training classes. He has grown so big since we picked him up in Maine just over 7 months ago, and he has a big heart to go with his big size. Just a couple more weeks till his "graduation", now we must continue to work hard with him to keep up with all the good things he / we have learned.


So that's it for now.

Keep safe and stay Healthy and remember, Spring is just around the corner!


2 Ole Buddies

Debi, Tom & Bentley

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