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El Brujo Glacier straight ahead

ice in the water

large chunks of ice


Watching the glacier

Breakfast on the pool deck

El Brujo Glacie

closer detail






Gathering ice

Photographing the operation


On board entertainment

04 04 Feb. 13, 2019 El Brujo Glacier and Fjords

We rose early and looked out our window to a stream of ice chunks flowing by. As we neared the end of the fjord, there was a gigantic glacier directly ahead. The ship was serving waffles on the pool deck to the hungry ‘ice show’ passengers. The compacted ice appears blue and is also filled with stones and dirt as it grinds its way down into the ocean. A small boat from the ship hoisted a bag of ice. I wonder if it will become an ice sculpture? We continued through the fjords through the night.

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