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Approaching Puerto Chacabuco






At Puerto Chacabuco

On the road to our tour spots

We followed this river


The same river

Our host at the farm




Milking a cow

The farm house

On to the raspberry farm

Explaining the crop

Picking and eating right off the vine

Raspberry center


Removing the frames

Honey bees at work

Removing the wax

Refining the honey

The sweet product

Anne fell and scraped her shin. At the Ship's medical facility


She feels better, but needs a daily dressing change at medical

04 03 Feb. 11, 2019 Puerto Chacabuco first Fjords

Sunshine woke us as we wove our way though the islands which gave a hint of the days ahead and the Chilean Fjords. This region reminded us of the St. Lawrence River and the Thousand Island region of Upstate New York.

Our tour was scheduled in the early afternoon since the ship docked at one o’clock. A long ride into the interior let us see the mountains and plains as we followed a river toward our four destinations. The first reminded us of Simple Gift’s Farm (our son-in-law’s farm in Central Mass.). Dairy and beef cattle along with a goat, a llama, and some sheep as well as chickens populated the large farm. (The llama was the guard for the sheep.) Hay was yet to be harvested for the upcoming winter.

The next stop was just a little down the road. The crop there is raspberries which are sold to high-end restaurants. The harvest had already been done, but there were a few very sweet berries left for our picking and instant eating.

The last stop we participated in was a honey farm with a demonstration of how the wax is separated from the honey. At least we did not get stung! However at the last scheduled spot, Anne slipped and skinned her right shin as she attempted to climb up on an old bleacher at a cowboy rodeo demonstration. A nasty tear of her skin was immediately treated at the scene with compression. Then we took a taxi back to the ship where the nurse cleaned the wound, placed the patch of hanging skin back into position and used steri-strips to hold it in place. It’s not hurting now and Anne needs to return to deck 4 medical each day of the cruise to re-do the dressing. Bummer! However, she is not in pain and can walk fine.

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