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Rain, rain, and more rain here..... We have had days and days of rain..... So much rain that we had to get a truck to come and pump out our black tank because the ground is so saturated that the septic tank is full. This is going to continue to be a problem if we don't get some drier weather.

As a result of the cold temps and rainy damp weather, Jackie caught a nasty cold and now I have it.....UGH. I knew it was going to happen but it's so miserable.

Jackie has been doing quite a bit of driving for the school and even in the rain he loves it. I'm glad he is satisfied being here as much as he thought he would.

We managed to get our taxes to the accountant yesterday and that was one chore I was dreading.

We also had to get new phones as mine wouldn't hold a charge for an hour even if I wasn't using it. I almost threatened to go back to a land line since we won't be traveling anymore, but Jackie talked me out of it for now. But we did drop our Mifi Jetpack and we now have internet from our local cable company. We also cut back on the data on our phones so that is saving us a lot of money.

There isn't anything to report on our house though except that with all the rain we have had since we came back, the schedule is getting pushed back farther than I was hoping for. Jackie drives by our lot almost every day but it is still empty. We are looking online at furniture and fixtures and paint colors and even a front door. I'm trying to make notes about things I want to change or add so when we finally get started I'll be ready.

I know this will be a shock to many of you, but we have sold our Treasure Lake membership. We have only been there a total of 10 days in the last 2 summers so the money for dues really outweighs the time we have spent there. Also we don't have the motorhome anymore and we don't want to take the 5th wheel there with no way to pull it. We will still be going there occasionally to visit with our friends, but we will stay in a motel and go into the park as a guest of whichever friend is there at the time.

Our lives sure are changing aren't they. But it seems to be happening to a lot of our friends also.

I do want to mention our friend and neighbor Addison from the winters we spent in the park in Florida. He lost his wife last week. So many memories of Denise. She was a sweet lady.

Also we're still praying for our dear friend Ann that is having surgery on Friday. Also our friend Bonnie that had to have another surgery this week to repair her pacemaker. This getting old sure isn't for sissies!!!!!

Until next time.....God Bless you all.....

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