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Fat Ducks Inconvenienced

Well the deadline for going to the doctor was Monday morning. Sue woke up feeling a lot better. She still had a cough but not as bad and the rattle had diminished considerably. We decided the need to go to the doctor had diminished so I got ready to drive to Wellton and play golf. I had a great time as one of my playing partners was very good and patient as my driver decided it had some sort of sickness. On the back nine I put my sick driver in the bag and moved on to my 3 wood. I included a picture from the back nine of some of the plumpest ducks I have ever seen. And they seemed to be inconvenienced as we played through. The 3 wood worked well so I used it up to the 17th hole. Then I gave the driver another chance and made a small adjustment and SHAZAM it found the fairway with more distance than it showed all day. On 18 it worked too well and I drove through a dog leg. Maybe I should have put it in the bag a couple of rounds ago. Anyway the round ended nicely and all 15 of us spent some time after the round visiting at the clubhouse. Men from everywhere, Washington, three provinces in Canada, Wyoming, etc. It was a great time to listen to the stories that came from all the areas.

Then it was time for the 30 minute drive back to Sue and Ziva. I was back about 4:15 and Sue was feeling well enough for us to go out to dinner. After Ziva's trip to the Dog Park Sue and I went to Black Bear Diner. The food was good and plentiful. We both brought home a to go box with plenty of leftovers. We were so full we had to sit up late before going to bed. But we did sleep well. I was tired and Sue took NyQuil.

On Tuesday, Ziva and I were up about 8:30 to go to the Dog Park. All of her friends were there and she had a great time. Then back for breakfast. Afterwards we took it easy as Sue was still coughing some and we did not want to get her out too fast. Around 1:30 Ziva and I went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. We then drove to one of the city parks where we had a distant view of some of the aerial maneuvers being flown by the jets out of the Marine Air Station. We enjoyed the 20 minutes or so that we watched the activity...or at least I did. Ziva enjoyed the chicken I shared with her. Then we were back at the Bus where we stayed the rest of the evening. We ate in and watched NCIS (by the way Ziva is alive). Then we watched the FBI show that follows NCIS. Then we watched the last three minutes of the Razorbacks and the new way they found to lose. We enjoyed a little of the Amish popcorn we purchased in Shipshewana. It was good but it took both of us extra time to pick the popcorn out of our teeth when we brushed our teeth at bedtime. We were in bed by 11:00.

Wednesday - I was up about 7:30 today. Ziva and I were out by 8:15 and back by 9:00. The day was overcast and tomorrow promises 100% chance of rain. The temperature made it to 70 degrees with brief times of sunshine. I went to the Watch Hospital today to get a new battery for my dress watch. I prefer to wear my Timex around the Bus so I do not mess up my good watch. I returned to the Bus and we took Ziva with us as we went to check our mail and make a trip back through the Dog Park. Then to the Bus where we left Ziva and made a trip to Walgreen's to pick up a prescription and then to one of the local zoo's...or Fry's (Krogers). When we survived Fry's, we headed toward the Bus and ran through two different areas where rain was falling. Back at the Palms it was not raining.

I spent a little time pumping out tanks and then it was time for both of us to take Ziva to the DP. This was Sue's first trip in about two weeks. Everyone was glad to see her. We spent about an hour talking and watching the dogs play. Then a little after 6:30 as it was getting dark we returned to the Bus. I went to Walmart for the last items on our shopping list and returned to have dinner. We are watching a little television and waiting for more rain. It looks like it will be intermittent for a little while and then steady for a while. Behind the rain the temperature will start dropping on Saturday and all of next week will be low 60's. This is a continuation of what folks tell us is the coolest winter out here in some time. But, I think we can deal with it. It is much easier to admit the clothing decision is long pants or shorts...not how heavy a coat do I need to wear and where are my rain boots.

Well, I will shut this down by saying that I am glad my Valentine is feeling better. It has been a long two weeks watching her suffer with the crud she has had. Maybe she can enjoy things again...

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