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Today was one of those rare, awesome days which can happen when a group of good friends get together for the sole purpose of having fun. Marilyn & I go to Mexico with our friends rather frequently and we always have fun but today was exceptional. Mike & Marian were unable to join us and they were the only long-term members of our group of friends who were missing.

We had all agreed to meet at Poncho’s Bar and every one showed up ready for laughs and in great humor. The laughter was loud, raucous, and continual. The wives were enjoying the hilarity as much as the guys and it was with some reluctance that we left this gathering place and strolled down the street to Chuey’s Red Snapper. We had allowed Steve & Cathy to select the restaurant for lunch and they do have great fried oysters at Chuey’s so that was it.

The fun continued at lunch. Our entire group was singing to the live music and several of the couples danced, some more than once.

Steve & Cathy returned with us after lunch but the remainder of the group continued on south to do some shopping at the “Canada Store”.

We missed our friends Mike & Marian along with Jim & Kellie but the other 14 of us had a wonderful day.

The line to go through customs extended back half way across the bridge. That was the longest line we have seen in all the years we have been here in the valley. No matter though because we are blessed with the good friends in our lives and we are firm in the belief that Life is Good!

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