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A very small harbor

Chilly camping

Colorful boats

Overlook for falls

Not a high falls

Colorful water

Rough walkways

too cloudy to see volcano

Steep falls




Back in the city of roses - Puerto Varas


Typical of winter-dark cities, the houses are painted colorfully

Back to the ship

Leaving from a very narrow passage

04 02 Feb. 10, 2019 Puerto Montt - Waterfall and Volcano

Rain greeted us as we rose early for a tour to the Petrohue Waterfall and Osorno Volcano. We had out rain coats on ready for the weather which was not conducive for photography or a pleasant day. Anne made a wise decision and decided to stay at the ship. Tom got soaked walking to the falls over pretty rough paths. The bus ride to this National Park was quite long and the tour guide chattered without stop about Chilean life including minimum earnings and how taxes are raised with a 19% VAT on everything. The bus stopped in Puerto Varas (the city of roses) for shopping in local handicraft markets. As the ship departed the sun came out affording an opportunity to photograph the shore where brave Chileans had camped on the beach.

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