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The road out of Vegas

Red Rocks, our first look

Rocks were playing peek a boo with the sun

Here is some of the old stuff (white) on top of the...

Valley view

Beautiful views but so cold and windy

This is a sturdy tree. Not much of a root system.

This rock has measles! (oxidized hematite)

Interesting lines carved into the sandstone (by wind)

Another nice view

Trail riders

This skateboarder oassed us!

Rain created this stream, which also went across the road we were...

We took a Sunday Drive out to Red Rock Canyon. Getting past the part where I have lost my National Park Pass, and had to pay $15 to get in, and the fact that my newly charged camera battery sat back at the trailer, which we did not have, and that it was about 45 degrees and very cold and windy, it was a pretty nice day.

It is hard to believe but only twenty minutes outside of Vegas, is this incredible area. At great risk of my mom, who has a doctorate in Geology, I will try to put in my own words, what we saw. Mom, please stop rolling your eyes! Red Aztec Sandstone (new stuff in geologic years) and old Limestone (white rocks) which were part of an ocean floor many many many many many years ago. There are places here where Plate tectonics (shifting plates under the Earth’s crust) shifted and this caused the old stuff to slide over the new stuff. There are not to many place this happens, according to the info we saw. So what this all means is that it makes for some really pretty rocks! What a beautiful place. I wish it was warmer so we could have hiked around a bit more.

We saw some rocks that had measles too. Well, not really measles but that is what they looked like. White rocks with red spots. The red spots were oxidized hematite concretions (a form of iron oxide). Check out the picture of them and you will think they have measles too.

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