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Nevada desert looks a lot like Arizona desert minus the Suguaro Cactus

Sand storm across the desert

Sams Town casino buffet

And desert! So many choices

Watch how fast $10 disappears! (Hint, Less than 10 minutes)

It looked like this plane was going to land in the road....

Jessie Rae's BBQ

This is pulled pork and cheese over tater tots. Amazingly good but...

Mike had a big brisket Sandwich..and ribs on the side

New York comes to Las Vegas

Paris in Las Vegas

Venice in Las Vegas

Close up of the wynn buil.ding. Getting in touch with my artistic...

Stratosphere, No we did not go up in it.

Pinball Hall of Fame

This is a cool mechanical game

An old family favorite. MIke was in the zone.

My old favorite, Space Invaders

Mike liked the graffics on this one!

More graffics

People of all ages come in to play

M & M and Coca Cola stores, and the big coke bottle

M & M&Ms

The M&Ms

3D movie time (We were not the oldest kids in there!)

Kyle Bush's car, for Linda

Green M&M and M&E

Coke can art

So many special order coca cola bottles

Mike rides the Coke elevator

Dinner, room with a view

Mike is in there somewhere, find hm?

Vegas overpass decor

More roadside art

Ominous skies

We travelled a little north to Las Vegas. Mike had been reading a series of books called, The unbelievable Mr. Brownstone, by Michael Anderle. In them he talks about a BBQ joint in Las Vegas called Jessie Rae’s. So of course we had to come to Vegas to check it out. It is a tiny place but the BBQ was excellent. A lot calmer than is alleged in some of the books.

We also stopped at the Pinball Hall of Fame. It is not a museum, but a place where you can walk in with a pocket full of quarters and play everything from Pac Man and Asteroids, to pinball games from late 1950’s to the present. They even have skee-ball and air hockey. We both had fun going through $5 of quarters each. Mike was pleased to see he has not lost his touch with Centipede. Is actually a charity. Money from the games goes back in to maintaining the games. There are three full time mechanics on staff just to keep the 400 plus games running. The rest of the money goes to charity. The museum is the sole source for the Salvation Army in Las Vegas. They also donate to other charities too. In ten years they have donated over 1.5 million dollars. Pretty amazing. They are going to be moving this year. They have a place on the strip near the “Welcome to Vegas” sign. That spot will be three times bigger. They already have the machines to fill it, plus some. Next time you go to Vegas check it out!

We saw on TV an ad for a special by Outback Steak house for Shrimp and Lobster. Mike had been wanting some lobster for a while, and so we found an Outback in Vegas. It is located at the top of the Coca Cola bottle. On the Vegas strip is a Coca Cola Store, right next to the M & M store. The Coke bottle is in front of that. So we went to check it all out. At the M & M store they had a 3D movie that we watched. When an M & M guy got sucked into a vacuum hose in the movie, we felt the wind from it. It was fun. We by passed the personalized M & M station, and took a picture of Kyle Petty’s M & M car for my sister in law Linda (her favorite NASCAR racer).

Then we checked out the Coca Cola Store. Just about anything you can imagine in a coke logo was in there. They also had quite a large selection of the fourth floor, you are in Outback. We got a table with a view of the strip, ordered some appetizers. When the waitress came back to take our order, we found out that this Outback did not have the lobster and steak special. Darn. So Mike ordered Prime rib. Nope, out of that. We settled for steak. It was not the best outback steak we ever had. Maybe we would have been better off going back to the buffet in the Casino we parked next to, but even that was so-so. Oh well, riding in the elevator was cool.

We tried to take in a last minute show, but the few that were available were late at night. We are old and don’t stay up too late. Daytime shows had been cancelled for the Super bowl.

All in all though, it was a fun day.

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