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Harbour entry to Tauranga, New Zealand

Tourist example of old Maori village

Geysers, Rotorua

Bubbling mud pools, Rotorua

Maori war longboat


Bay of Islands

Ship at anchor in Bay of Islands

Big stick on roof of ship that takes you to near heaven

View from the top of the big stick near heaven (poor quality)

2 level shopping mall at sea

Pod of about 50 dolphins half way between NZ and Oz.

Hi all

A few more days at sea and more sites to see. Leaving Mystery Island in Vanuatu we travelled about 1000 nautical miles south to Tauranga in New Zealand from where we took a bus tour to Rotorau famous for its hot geysers and mud pools. The heated air and water comes from deep in the earth and comes out of vents in either pools of mud or as steam and water from fissures in the ground. The emissions are very sulfer loaded and the smell is very evident, its bad but interesting to see.

From there we moved to Auckland where we had lunch with an old golfing mate and his family that then being all we saw of Auckland.

Another day and a stop in what is called the Bay of Islands, a name given to the region by a huge number of islands in the bay, very original. A very pretty bay and we went ashore to a small town along with all the other 4500 passengers, well so it seemed. A nice day off the ship and we enjoyed ourselves.

Now we are heading back to Sydney on the last day of the cruise, we get in to the harbour very early in the morning. We have had a good time but we did feel the ship is just too big. Its not that you see all the other passegers all the time but its the feeling it gives you. 2 decks of shopping, 8 decks of staterooms and about 5 speciality restaurants where they charge you even more money to dine in after the cost of the cruise. It is obvious that being an American company the desire is the almighty dollar. So much of what should be complimentary or at best a minimum charge is charged for at ridicules rates. But that does not detract from what we have seen, eaten and been entertained. Its was a fun trip but we will probably never do a cruise on such a large ship again.

So very soon we will be making a decision as to where we go next, home or a few days visiting Anne's brother and his wife further south in New South Wales.

Until the next post.

Mum and Dad

UM and AA

GM and GD

Anne and Marco

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