Greetings from nephew Tim

Greetings from Emma

Greetings from Bella

Great breakfast with the Leifer Family

Bon, Tim, and fooling with the camera

Group shot

Different kind of group shot

Emma and Bella selfie

Connie and arriving at her place

Bon & Connie greeting (old time high school friends)

Our accommodations at Connie's!

Connie's home - great Hobbit place

Toasting our being-here-now at Connie's place

Prepping food in Connie's kitchen

View from Connie's deck

Heading down Malabu canyon from Connie's place

View from above Connie's house...door to left is where we stayay

Connie pointing out where fires were burning last summer/fall viewed from on...

View looking N. from Connie's...

Looking W. from Connie's

Signs at Malibu Legacy Park

Park Layout/location

One of the attractions in the park!

Interpretive signage...incomplete without some Bonnie explanation, hmmm!

More interpretive signage

Plus giant critters!

And some more...

Some posing as well

The actual reason the park is here

And some more interpretation...

Panorama view of park entry

More explanations...

Fire damaged fencing

Just one of burned-out homes

Another view of destruction

Often little remained...

More evidence of fire in foreground and blackened hills beyond

Some close calls...

Many not just close...

Green grasses and blackened hillsides evidence of devastation

Steel bridge buckled from the heat

Once upon a time movie set...gone

Movie set...another view

Black turning to green

Tall ships in Ventura Harbor

A memorial as well


A fantastic visit with Leifer's in Pasadena! Wonderful chat and wide ranging discussions about the state of world, US, family and where we're headed...maybe?!

Love you guys!

Then onwards to Bon's HS friend from Santa Monica, Connie who went with us on the Circle Trip! Chatting about travel and politics and living and family and ... til 1:30 am! Tim went to bed, ha!



Drove to organic farm place where Connie works to pick up discarded produce for her chickens. Walked her land and introduced to neighbors. More chatting...


Took a long drive...walked through Malibu Legacy Park (see photos), toured through the burned out areas of Malabu and beyond (more photos), then drove N. to see Connie's condos, ending up at Ventura Harbor, tall ships, and Andria's Seafood Restaurant and Market.

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