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It began so chilly...February is usually in the 70s at Havasu. Not...

We began at 9 a.m. in the cold. The booths started being...



Theresa and Bonnie...pondering, but no sale here


Three of these flew over

Enjoying our hot chocolate and funnel cake

The sun finally decided to make an appearance and boy, was it...

And the ponies and kids were enjoying the day as well

It's Monday morning and the EGR repair, which Bud hopes is the solution, will be done this morning. They will take it on a test drive and if all goes well we'll make a trade. I'll give Bud some grocery money and he'll give me my truck. I'll then make my own test drives to Parker and back and Parker and back. And maybe Parker and back once again. The town is 45 miles south and the round trips will keep me on the highway where I can be easily found if...if. No, I don't even want to think about it. Right now, I'm just holding my breath.

Friday, the two couples and I did not get together until dinner time. (I'm sure the break was welcome for them.) It was my turn to feed us and I slow cooked my spaghetti for the folks. Theresa had taken me to the store, so I had fresh everything and, of course, plenty of garlic bread.

Saturday, we girls went to Winterfest in downtown Havasu. The day began dreary and cold and I felt sorry for the booths selling fresh squeezed lemonade. We decided to indulge in hot chocolate and funnel cake. Winterfest? Simply several miles (well, it just seemed that long) of booths selling everything and anything...except something made with prickly pear. Guess I'm going to go home without prickly pear jelly or such.

We visited every booth. Walked up one side of the long row to the end, and then back down to where we started. Took us five hours! I bought a travel size My Pillow which I've been wanting and a new fanny pack. The girls bought things way more beautiful than fanny packs or pillows.

We ended our girls' day with a Mexican lunch and decided to all rest on Sunday in our own Sunday way. They've been my lifesavers and the guys have so much faith in Bud the diesel man that I haven't even worried about the truck.

Until this morning.

Still holding my breath...

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