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Crops in the desert!

One of my five stops to rest and ponder then continue onward



Sometimes not so low

Sometimes too low

Just like the aerostat in Deming - a low level radar aircraft...


I had forgotten what a beautiful drive it is heading north from...

RVers on the Colorado and loving the area


I just love the endlessly captivating shapes of the mountains

Someone asked how I get a decent photo while driving. Here's a...

And later after I remove the tint from the glass, straighten and...

Or this one...

Remove tint, straighten, crop and get rid of those wires in the...

...or crop and change to B&W. I'm not good, but I do...

Dave and Theresa

Gene and Bonnie

Dave and Theresa's sweet, sweet Missy

My RV resort. My HH is in the front. Dave moved theirs...

I can see the lake from my door

Their future home site

Bonnie and Gene's home

and view from their sunroom

Their very friendly, happy Bailey

Enjoying boneless ribs and great company

I bid goodbye to my Yuma saviors, Trap and Jan, on Tuesday morning and began my short (167 miles) haul to Lake Havasu City. I can't describe how much my Canadian friends helped my emotional state with their support and presence. They gave me advice, comfort, room to decompress and spoiled me with good food and laughter for 7 days. It was time to take off.

My Low Coolant Level warning had appeared each time I had driven the truck - sometimes it was low...sometimes not. I had the choice of limping (hopefully successfully) 600+ miles to home...or limp north (adding about another 80 total miles) to Lake Havasu City where my friends Theresa and Dave, and Bonnie and Gene, swore by their diesel mechanic. I figured if he was as good as they said, it'd be a much shorter trip to find a solution and undoubtedly less expensive than my Chevy dealer at home. Bonnie gave me great reasons why I should make that choice and Dave and Theresa offered full hookups at their private RV resort. Well, they don't really have a resort and they wouldn't even take my nickel, but they had full hookups at their house and a flat concrete space to park and said it was mine. Can circumstances get any better?

My warning came on 4 miles after I left Yuma. I stopped five times along the route, topping coolant if necessary and just swearing at it if it was full, and after each stop the warning came on within one mile after starting once again down the road. But I made it.

Dave parked my RV beside their home (it's actually a rental...they sold their home, bought a lot and their plans for new construction should be approved by the city within days) and he only needed one try. Bonnie and Gene came over and we all enjoyed pizza for dinner.

Theresa drove me to Bud's shop the next morning and Gene met us there. I put the pressure on the guy and told him that the Stacks and Coopers thought he was a god. I gave him all the paperwork from my other failures. Talking to Gene about the problem earlier, he had had a hunch it was the EGR, but then as he read that the EGR had already been investigated in Tucson, he admitted he had a real puzzle. We wished him luck, left the truck and I said a silent prayer.

That evening Theresa and Dave drove me to Bonnie and Gene's for a great dinner and visit. They have a beautiful home at the southern end of the city. En route, we stopped and walked Dave and Theresa's vacant lot which is just a short walk from Gene and Bonnie's home. How exciting it will be for them to see their dream home bloom and grow. Dave is nearing the time when he'll need a wheelchair full time, and he personally designed the home to fit all his requirements and their vision of the perfect home. Hopefully all will go smoothly...and as quickly as possible! It's been a two year process for them so far.

Arriving Tuesday and enjoying today has been a great start to my visit. I hope the truck repair is successful, doesn't take long and that my hosts don't tire of having a boarder by their home. I will try to be invisible when they aren't busy entertaining me. I sure feel doubly/triply/quadruply blessed with all the support I have had and am having. I'll be sending my next update later today as I try to catch up to myself on this unexpected, re-routed, unplanned adventure getting home to California. I told the girls when I grow up, I am going to be a coolant specialist.

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