Leaving Ron's garden only partly weeded

Saying goodbye in Ron's kitchen

Ron's gate goodbye behind his nickname sign

Meeting Julie at the Village Grill

Visit with Lindy to Griffith Observatory on once-a-month Star Night


View out Lindy's window


We met Julie S., our friend through her sister (who went on Bon's last AYH trip). Julie says they are similar in that both are R.B.s...Julie Reads Books and her sister Rides Bikes, ha! We walked from Ron's to downtown Claremont and the Village Grill. Had a great chat/reconnection! Julie does a lot of travel connected with her Unitarian church connection, so she is very easy to share and tell since she has very similar experiences(e.g. travel). Always good to see her, never enough time as always.


Back at Ron's a short tea talk, he's feeling better than ever (maybe our leaving has to do with it, ha!). Will miss his always contagious energy...even when he's recovering from heart surgery!


Headed down highway 210 to friend, Lindy's place. She is forever another one of our travel friends. She has the curiosity and gumption to up and go almost on a moment's notice. She rode with our bicycle group of 7 back in 1976-77 (after leading her groups across the US during Bikecentennial) from Crescent City, CA down to Cabo San Lucas. It's such a pleasure to make these connections with the past but always looking into the future - Move-On seems to be a theme even given the current US/world situation. Bon and Lindy almost immediately began planning new trip possibilities after sharing some of their independent travels to the same locations.

In evening we headed out to see the sights and ended up at Griffith Observatory where the lot was full and the place was hopping after a day of rain and now great, clear sky. Just so happens it was the once a month Star Night event...great views of LA!

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