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My buddies Carol and Don

The neighborhood where they are parking their 5th wheel for a month

Lovely neighborhood with undeveloped lots here and there

Undeveloped as in no home on them yet

The little airplane that could

'Course, it took a bundle of people and some fancy hand-offs to...

Great story!


The courthouse where my parents were married May 23, 1933

Wandering inside the courthouse


These palms have bunches of berries hanging from them

Does anyone know what they are? Are they edible?








Our stop for lunch


Don and the owner with us girls


A one-of-a-kind type of place


Main street old Yuma was a nice little walk


Carol and Don's RV park community room from last year

That park was right on the Colorado River

This place is certainly worth a visit





The 'dark room' - no light whatsoever. Prisoner in a cage so...

Looking out from the dark room

The high school mascots are the crims! As in criminals!

The main guard house


The Ocean to Ocean Bridge is on the outside. Note the mission...

Too bad those tanks are behind St. Thomas Mission, an active Catholic...


Two updates today: Felicity and Old Yuma. I am really getting behind myself.

Carol and Don were my hosts on my final full day in Yuma. They are another wonderful couple I met on the HitchHiker forum and in person the first time at our B&B II rally in Maricopa, Arizona, March 2010. They are snowbirds from Utah and have spent many winters in the Arizona desert at different locations.

I drove to the lot where their HitchHiker is parked this year at the far eastern end of Yuma out in the beautiful desert foothills. I wanted to see how my truck was behaving and as usual, it wasn’t. Five miles into my drive that old low coolant warning came on.

Their HitchHiker is parked in a residential neighborhood on a lot with full hookups for RVs. It’s a very nice, relatively new neighborhood with cute southwestern homes and vacant lots every now and then prepped with hookups in order to rent to the snowbirds. I found it very unusual. The rented lots often had two or three RVs on them for a month or two or season. You can be a landlord too...lots run about $80,000.

I followed them back into town and we visited the old courthouse where my parents had been married in 1933. I had seen it in 1955 and it seemed newer than I remembered. Carol said it used to have a dome but had had an exterior facelift. They were very patient as we explored the three floors in its innards where my parents once walked.

We also visited City Hall and saw an extraordinary little airplane that happened to stay in the air flying for 47 days!! Yes, of course, with pilots! You must see the pic and the sparse info I provided to get an idea of such an accomplishment.

From there we wandered through Old Yuma, which wasn’t as ‘old’ as I expected, but interesting and colorful nevertheless and had lunch at a place one doesn’t forget easily.

Jam-packed with odd things and old photos, we enjoyed the atmosphere and our tri-tip sandwiches. We even had our picture taken with the owner. Lute’s Casino ain’t a casino. But it is wild and crazy...and very colorful!

We saved the best for last and toured the old Yuma Territorial Prison. I’ve only included a fraction of the photos I took as there were so many. It’s located right where the Colorado and Yuma Rivers converge making it pretty spectacular in its setting. It was pristine which was undoubtedly not the case back in the late 1800s.

The Ocean to Ocean Bridge (which I had never heard of) was right off the point and took approximately 1/3 of prison property when it was constructed. It completed the route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and eliminated the necessity of a ferry.

One more day of memories. One more day with folks who’ve helped keep my spirits high. It’s too easy when bad things happen to forget how good things are. But I was sure reminded of that today.

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