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From Michaelangelo's Sistene Chapel masterpiece, the arm of God serves as a...


Yep, it's the real deal


Jan with her feet on the center spot within the pyramid, making...

Jan receiving her certificate from Felicia

My wish wasn't heard as my truck is still ill. That doesn't...

Each row is 100' long


And includes history of much of most anything you could possibly imagine




The Church on the Hill

View from church. On far right is the maze


Bible is open to Corinthians

I asked Felicia to whom or what it honored...She said it honored...


Jacques-Andre wrote this fairy tale in 1984

Soon after, he began creating the Center of the Workd

As a Frenchman, he wanted of piece of his hometown...Paris



A ficus tree. Quite splendid

On Sunday, February 3, Jan and I crossed Hwy. 10 from our RV park and visited the unique incorporated city (est. population 4) of Felicity, California. Jacques-Andre Istel, a Frenchman who fought in the Korean War for us, married a Chinese lady, bought thousands of acres in the Sonoran Desert and wanted to create something of value - hence, the 'city' which he named after his wife, Felicia.

In coordination with Imperial County in California, and the Institut Geographique National of France, he declared the town the Center of the World, built a pyramid with a spot on the 'exact center' (upon which one may stand and make a wish) and then began creating the collective memories of humanity that he deemed important on 2" thick granite slabs, framed as wedges to last longer than many lifetimes. The Museum of History in Granite is an ongoing project still to be completed.

It really is a most unique place where one could easily spend hours reading the historical information engraved in granite, visiting the Church on the Hill, or honoring your own special memories in the Maze of Honor. Time magazine stated it was a "design worth the trip".

If you're passing by, be sure to stop. For five bucks, you may tour the entire facility, enter the pyramid, make a wish and get an official certification signed there at that very moment by Felicia. (As we didn't pay attention to the name on our certificate, we didn't realize at the time that we were talking to, and being escorted by Felicia herself!) If Jacques-Andre is still alive, he would be 90 years old this year.

Don't be disappointed though if you find the church and pyramid's doors shuttered - Felicia said the 'city' is only open in the winter months.

The pictures tell a better story...

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