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Well last night I got distracted or sleepy but none the less, I failed to comment on my title of the post. Let me explain before I cover today. The Marine Air Station is only 4 miles west of us. Early yesterday morning we could hear the jets moving and often. Most headed north or west toward California and did not come out in our direction. Since there was a pretty steady wind yesterday of about 15 miles an hour, the planes did not approach from our direction either but there was an almost constant roar of the jets taking off and landing. Not just the fighters stationed here but some very large transport jets that were apparently practicing take offs and landings or "touch and go's". Those were loud but not nearly as loud as the F-22's stationed here. They were up and down often. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I washed the truck and it was so difficult for me to stay focused on washing the truck when I was constantly popping up like a "jack-in-the-box". Now it was not only jets, but prop planes like C-130's and the Osprey's in the air along with the attack helicopters that were in and out moving east and in pairs. It was a lot of action that we have not seen in the previous days here. Today was not much different except the jets were only the small ones and the helicopters but there was plenty of action. My neighbor and I have discussed just driving down to the fairgrounds (directly across the road from the MAS) and watching all the activity. If it stays that active then we will have to do just that. There will be another air show next month just like last year. I am looking forward to finding some place to see more than I did last year.

Today was a slower day than yesterday. Sue was back in the bed last night and off the couch. Another sign she is improving.

Ziva and I went out to the Dog Park about 8:30 and stayed for over 30 minutes as she played with about 6 of her friends. Again, I say, she is a different dog than the one who arrived here about 45 days ago. Breakfast was later than usual but the day was started. Around noon I went to Pet Smart to get Ziva some more food. It was the first time I had been to the major shopping area in a while. I took my time just watching all the traffic that is 90% out of state (and country) tags. Then I was back in time for a quick nap and then some chores. I had to straighten up the CLAM screenhouse. The wind had moved it around and pulled up two of the stakes holding it in place. I then picked up a few things that had blown around as the wind was similar to yesterday. I then spent some time emptying tanks and flushing them and cleaning them. Then it was time for another trip to the DP. This trip with about 8 other dogs lasted about 45 minutes. Then I made a quick trip to Fry's (Arizona's version of Kroger) for a few items and back to have dinner. We watched a little basketball and then settled in to watch the State of the Union speech we recorded last night. I will have no comments about the distasteful and un-American behavior of the Democrats and how I hope they get the next election shoved up their. . . . Oh well, then it will be bedtime and my blood pressure will come down.

Anyway, I have explained yesterday...

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