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Monday was a slow starter. I went with Ziva to the Dog Park early and was back starting breakfast by 8:15. Sue had slept on the couch so she could sleep with her head elevated and not disturb me with her coughing. I got ready to head to Wellton to play golf. I have found a group I enjoy playing with and that makes the course and the drive tolerable. Once Sue assured me she was going to be okay with me 25 miles away, I was off. She had breakfast on her terms and spent the day taking it easy and taking all of her medication on time and letting it go to work on getting her to feeling better. I played at the Links at Coyote Wash and was through and back by 4:20. Oh, by the way, I did get an 83 on my round. Then it was time to determine how she was feeling and take Ziva to the DP.

Around 6:30 we decided to get dinner from Da Boyz. I was back by 7:00 with lasagna, chicken parmesan, Caesar salad and garlic bread and the feast was on. The food was very good and there was plenty to save for dinner on Tuesday. Then after letting dinner digest and getting our showers we were ready for bed. We set the sofa up again for Sue.

I was up around 8:00 and took Ziva to the DP to start the day. Then back to the Bus to start breakfast. We got Sue up as breakfast time started. She was feeling a lot better this morning. I was out to take care of a few items and got back around noon. Sue had changed the sheets on the bed and had them in the washer. Since the washer/dryer is small this is a three part process. I went out about 3:00 to wash the truck. It needed a bath desperately. I was through about 5:00 and came in to get Ziva for another trip to the DP. Sue had managed to wash all the furniture and mop the floors. We had vacuumed the carpets earlier so the Bus is cleaner and smells better than it did this morning (not that it smelled bad before her efforts). I took Ziva and was at the DP for 45 minutes. She ran with the other dogs, she rolled in the dirt and had a really good time with the other 8 dogs that were there. Then it was time to go. She was so tired on the walk back that she did not want to go other directions and she was really ready to get in the Bus. Within 5 minutes she was stretched out on the sofa and asleep in 10. We rested a few minutes, then Sue heated up the left overs from Da Boyz and we enjoyed the same dinner as last night and it was still very, very good. We watched the Hogs drive us up and down the wall but still manage to get a win. We are now trying to decide if we want to watch the State of the Union recap or watch the entire thing that we recorded. Not sure...may have to sleep on it and see if the sun comes up tomorrow. Sue is better and we hope she is able to get out some tomorrow. It will do her good...even though the high tomorrow will only be 61 degrees. It will be marginal if it is a shorts day. But, we will survive. It reminds us how thankful we are to be out here where our coldest day is a marginal shorts day and not a heavy coat day. With that thought I say AMEN!

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