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Cultural show

Performing elephant



Puppets for sale

Lacquerware workshop

We finally see another cruise ship on the river!

Monday Feb 4th. Another day in Bagan started with a cultural show in a nearby village. The star of the show was a large decorated and colorful elephant (with 2 performers inside), with a group of dancers.

Afterwards a visit to Gubyaukgyi Temple, a 13th century 'cave temple' with several features similar to a Hindu Temple.

Burma is famous for its top quality lacquerware so this afternoon we visited a local workshop to see how it's all done. Each item takes about 5 months to complete as each of its 16 coats of lacquer has to dry in a stable temperature environment.

Everyone in Burma wears a Longyi (like a long skirt), male and female. Today we all had to buy a Longyi to attend tonight's party on the top deck. All good fun but we now have another useless outfit to keep in the wardrobe when we get home.

Tomorrow morning we leave Bagan as we head ever closer to Mandalay. Not sure how the wi-fi will perform once we cast off again, it may be a while before we can update the blog again. Also, not sure how far up the river we will get as its getting harder and harder for the captain to navigate the shallow water. Have already been advised that we will not make it all the way by ship to Mandalay, but that we will complete the journey by bus - it's just a question of how close we might get.

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