You gotta love $2.00 Margaritas

Even during Snowbird Vacations, laundry still has to be done and Grammie...

January Bocci Tournament

Joanne and Delores (Alberta) chatting before the party

The Bocci Courts all set for the Tournament

A couple of the players planning strategies

Some arrived by 2 wheel bikes others on Golf Carts, Walking etc.

Joanne and her girls checking everyone in prior to game time.

More chit chat prior to game time

Joe and Delores (friends from Alberta)

Delicious foods arriving for the Pot Luck Luncheon

Some even arrived by 3 wheelers

A great time for everyone

Joanne and I at our table for lunch

My team for the tournament

Joanne's team for the tournament

OMG such great food at the Awatukee Food Truck Festival

Amazing bakery for dessert

A huge crowd at the Food Truck Festival

Joanne waiting for our Ice Cream and Cookie Dough Dessert

Joanne waiting to share my Birthday Cake at Bocci

Tom Wakelam (High School Friends reconnecting after 50+ years)

Yep...Mocha is still loving the sunshine in Arizona

Joanne enjoying Margarita Day at the Courtyard

Joanne and I with our friend Maureen from Ontario

Always a great time at the Cactus Grill in Val Vista.

Always enjoying ourselves at the Courtyard

Friends from Kelowna, Lloyd and Linda Kenzle

Birthday cake sharing at Bocci

Another year goes by

Hope all is well with everyone and you're all enjoying the winter weather.

Although it's warmer here in Arizona, have to admit the weather is a lot cooler than normal for this area. However, we'll rough thru it.

Our Bocci Tournament was a fun successfull day with about 75 players entered. The pot luck luncheon was unbelievable along with so much fun and laughter with various Bocci Games. Looking forward to continuing our weekly Bocci Games while we're in Mesa and have plans to join the Coquitlam Lawn Bowling Club once we return home in the Spring.

The following week we drove out to the little Community of Awatukee (next the Chandler, AZ). We attended a massive Food Truck Festival with our resort park Neighbours and enjoyed a great evening of sampling various foods.

Had a fantastic Birthday evening sharing Cake with our Bocci friends last week and trying to forget the actual age ! ! !

Also last week, I may have mentioned earlier how we made contact with an old high school friend holidaying here in the park. We finally had a chance to get together for drinks at a joint friends home in Val Vista Village. OMG what an amazing time not only reconnecting but reminiscing about school days. We figured it's been about 50-55 years since our last visit. (lots of memories to share with each other). We'll certainly be getting together with Tom Wakelam and his wife Ellen again during our time here.

Joanne and I enjoyed another great afternoon at the Courtyard for their $2.00 Margarita Day. MMMM deelishus !!!

This weekend we got together with our Kelowna friends Lloyd & Linda Kenzle. They recently arrived from their time in Palm Springs and joined us at the Mesa Craft Market then back to our place for BBQ Burgers. They will be here in the Mesa area for the month of Feb. and we will be getting together on more occasions before we both move on to our next adventure.

That should bring you up to date on our time so far and we're so looking forward to more stories and outings before we leave for El Centro, CA on Feb. 27th.

Enjoy the photos and more again in a couple of weeks.

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